Best Wood Chisels

wood chisels reviews

Wood chisels are essential tools to almost any kind of wood working and come in a wide range of styles to give the best performance on some specific applications.

You can find and use the elegant cabinet makers bevel edged chisels and complete their work with the chisels eased through the cut with hand pressure. The robust mortice chisels, framing chisels and the firmer chisels are a good choice for hammer blows, to last for several years of use.

How many types of wood chisels are out there anyway?

Some of the best wood chisels in the world are the beveled edged bench chisels. They have just the right size as they are not too short, neither too long and are the most popular choice for any cabinet shop.

You should choose the beveled edged bench chisel on how comfortable feels in your hand, if it holds a good edge and it’s easy to sharpen. The backs of the chisel should be flat or very hollow for easier sharpening. This type of wood chisels is beveled on the sides to give maximum access to dovetails.

Best wood chisels review state that this type is the most important for any shop and comes in a wide range of sizes. You may also find beveled edged bench chisels hooped to make the handle stronger for malleting.

Less used in the furniture making, but also worthy of mentioning, the heavy duty beveled edged chisels are essential for boat building and any lesser extent timber framing or any other application with complicated joinery.

The butt chisels are used for installing buts and hinges to doors. They feature a short blade and they may have been a bench or firmer chisel in the past and is now re-sharpened. You may find bevel-edged and straight-edged types and the butt chisels are carpenters no.1 choice.

The thin long blade of the paring chisel is used to remove small amounts of wood when you finish or neat up the joints. The cutting edge is an angle between 20 and 25 degrees and also come with beveled and straight edges.

The mortise chisel has a thick blade and goes best for prying. This chisel is used to cut mortise joints and is typically capped or has a steel hoop on the handle to easier take the repeated mallet blows.

The finishing of dovetail joints is made with dovetail chisels as they have long thin blade with beveled edges and a honed cutting edge of 20 to 30 degrees.

The corner chisels have a medium length blade with cross-section shaped like a right-angled “V”. When you want to cut grooves and tidy up the square corners, they are the chisels to use.

The wider, longer and thicker-blade of the framing chisel is able to take repeated strikes from mallet and typically comes with sockets or sturdy cape handle.

The slick chisels are mainly oversized paring chisels and it’s easy to recognize them due to the baseball-bat shaped handle. You use this kind of chisel to pare of thin slivers of wood from a work piece.

If you’re out shopping and none of the chisels you see resembles to any of the above types, maybe you’re looking at a chisel with cranked handle. The handle is offset from the line of the blade and you may hold the entire blade flat on a work surface without having your fingers in the way.

Are we done yet?

Apart from the best rated wood chisels (especially for their popularity), you may want to use a Japanese bench chisel. These Japanese tools are some of the best quality wood chisels out there as they have a laminated steel construction and are thicker than other chisels. They have less beveling on the sides and cut softwood without crumbling, resisting to natural abrasion of topical exotic woods.

Let’s not forget the sash mortise chisels that are mainly light mortising chisels very easy to handle used for chopping the shallow mortises in the mullions and muntins of wooden windows.

Of course, this information are only the main ones to get a better idea on wood chisels. It’s up to your needs, skills and…budget to decide which type to get.

Top 5 Best Wood Chisels

When your budget doesn’t go over the sky and you still want to get some of the best budget/cheap wood chisels out there, you can give it a go with the 4-Piece Wood Chisel Set by Dewalt.

The set is made in England, out of high quality materials. The tools from the set have different sizes: .25, .50, .75 and 1”. The wood chisels come in a useful, easy to store plastic case. All the chisels are sharp on all edges and come already sharpen.

The set is a good choice for any beginner, especially considering you get good quality chisels for very little money.

The chisels have large handles that makes very easy the handling. The chisels have a metal cap and are very rugged, able to take the heavy use.

Even though the chisels are rugged, they are lightweight and leave a nice feel in the hand.

The chisels are various enough for a beginner’s wood chisel set and the assortment is well thought out.

The good quality steel makes the chisels reliable and useful for your projects.

Let’s note the most important pros:

  • The set is well thought out and the assortment of chisels covers many wood projects
  • The chisels have large handles for easier handling
  • The good quality steel makes the chisels ready to take the heavy jobs
  • The chisels come in a practical plastic box

Let’s note the cons just as well:

  • The chisels are a bit too sharp for the wood projects
  • They are too flattening in the back
  • The chisels might fail the durability test

As they come in various sizes with pretty durable blades and grippy handles, the chisels of the set might be a good starting point for any wood crafting fan.


We’re not saying that the Stanley 16-401 Bailey Chisel Set, 5-Piece are the best wood chisels for the money, but for the money you pay, you definitely get great quality wood chisels.

The chisels come in a nice, leather chisel pouch that looks nice and protects them very well at the same time.

The set comes with micro-precision grind for high sharpness out of the box. The blades are lacquered for corrosion protection and the Hardwood handle gives a good grip and easy handling. The high-quality carbon-chrome steel is used for edge retention.

The set contains 16-975 – Bailey Chisel 1/4-Inch 16-977 – Bailey Chisel 1/2-Inch 16-978 – Bailey Chisel 3/4-Inch 16-979 – Bailey Chisel 1 -Inch 16-980 – Bailey Chisel 1-1/4-Inch. The set is a great choice for the passionate woodworker.

The chisels are designed with stained beech handles and upgraded brass ferule and get you where you want with the wood.

The blade finish features new grinding centers on the chisels that are manufactured in England.

The handle has a specific design and the chisels are easy to control. The chisels feel good in the hand also. The steel is tough enough and stays sharp for long time. The blade is sharp where it should be and flat on a side.

You can tune up the chisels in nice, sharp chisels.

For the good materials and the price, you get very good wood chisels.

Here are the most important pros:

  • The chisels come in 5 sizes in the set
  • The chisels are protected in a nice, leather pouch
  • The chisels address to the experience wood worker
  • The chisels are sharp enough for the tough jobs

When it comes to the cons, we have to mention the following:

  • The chisels don’t come pre-sharpened, but this is very common nowadays
  • The chisels are not available on hornbeam or in rosewood individually in larger sizes and that’s a shame
  • The steel could be of higher quality

Considering they perform great and are easy to control, yet reliable and tough, the chisels in the set are a great buy for any avid wood worker.


If you have been looking high and low so far through the best quality wood carving chisels, you might find this lower priced chisels. The Morakniv Wood Carving 164 Hook Knife with Carbon Steel Blade is made is Sweden and is an efficient hook knife for spoon and detailed wood carving.

The hook knife has a single-edged, carbon steel blade and an oiled birch wood handle. The steel is strong, the grip is solid and the chisel has amazing leverage.

On a closer look, we see an ergonomically-designed handle and premium-quality knife steel that gives confidence even to the carving beginner.

The hook knife comes in fact with carbon steel blade (RC 59-60) that is strong, but needs to be protected from wet so that it doesn’t get corrosion. Apart from this, the hook knife is easy to maintain.

The Morakniv Wood Carving 164 has a single bevel and it’s efficient for any pull cuts with your right hand or for push cuts with your left hand. You can also find a special model for the left-handed.

The tang of the hook knife extends completely through the handle which gives more power and sturdiness. The oiled birch wood handle leaves a nice feeling to your hand and ensures better control, safe use and great performance.

The chisel comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer-that’s how confident he is in its product!

Let’s pinpoint the pros:

  • The hook knife has a carbon steel blade and an oiled birch wood handle
  • The blade is strong, whereas the handle is cozy in the hand and gives great control and safe use
  • The hook knife comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer
  • The hook knife is great even for the new comers in the art of wood carving

On the other hand, some things do count as cons so here they are:

  • The hook knife is not for the left handed
  • The hook knife doesn’t come with a sheath so you need to improvise a bit
  • The hook knife doesn’t work great on dry wood
  • This is not a tool for the fine, detailed work

All in all, for the money you pay, you get a hook knife that performs great thanks to its strong carbon steel blade and gives great control thanks to the oiled birch wood handle. And, it’s ready to do its job for a lifetime.


Anyone should have around the house a good pair of wood chisels. For the home use, the Stanley 16-150 150 Series Short Blade 3-Piece Wood Chisel Set is sure a good, reliable choice.

The set contains three sizes for wood chisels: ½ (12 MM), ¾ (18MM) and 1 (25MM). The chisels have full size shock absorbing handles with a “no roll” feature.

The long lasting precision guard cutting edges combine with the tempered steel blades for strong cuts. The blades are lacquer coated to resist to rust. The bolster blade washer to distribute load is also added for more power. The blades are uniformly hardened for longer use.

The steel on the blades doesn’t rust and it’s reliable for many situations. The blades remain sharp long time without sharpening. The edges are long lasting just as well.

The handles have a good build and are durable.

For the price you pay, you get good quality wood chisels with pretty tough and durable steel blades.

Here are the main pros:

  • The chisels come in three useful sizes
  • The chisels are made of strong and long lasting, no rust steel
  • The chisels are decent for the price
  • The blades remain sharp for quite some time

On the other hand, there are also some cons that we need to note:

  • The steel is not the best quality
  • The chisels don’t come ready to use out of the box
  • The blades have no tip protector
  • The chisels can’t take the heavy use of an avid wood hard worker

But, for the money you pay, as long as your expectations don’t get very high, this 3-chisels set is pretty good for the wood jobs around the house.


For lighter finish and detailed work, the Gimars gives you a 12 Set SK5 Carbon Steel Wood Carving Tools Knife Kit.

This set is not great only for the beginners in carving, but also for the more experienced wood workers. There are 12 different shape size and this is why the set is great as a gift. The tools remain sharp for long time, just enough for the beginner to go to the next level.

The blades are made from high quality SK5 Carbon steel with electrolytic coating. They are great for carving as they shape nice and don’t break easily. The metal has a nice feel to it.

There is plenty of tips to choose from, 12 to be more precise:  deep gouge, medium gouge, shallow gouge, parting tool, narrow straight chisel, wide straight chisel, rounded chisel and 4 angled knives. The assortment is well thought out.

The handles are made of wood and are not only sturdy, but also with a good grip, without causing any blisters. The handles are not round and have flattened sides.

The chisels in the set are well made and the blades may be sharpened for many times.

Here are the most important pros:

  • The set is for the beginners
  • The chisels come with sharp, reliable blades
  • The wood handles give a good grip and a steady handling
  • The set has a good assortment of shapes and sizes of the chisels

When it comes to the cons, we haven’t noticed any so far. The durability of the chisels might be an issue, but, so far so good.

The chisels have strong, reliable blades that are efficient for the carving due to the strength and grip of the wooden handles just as well. For the money you pay, this set gets you through the entry level of wood carving.




Best Wood Chisels Set

Some of the best value wood lathe chisels out there is the PSI Woodworking LCHSS8 HSS Wood Lathe Chisel Set, 8-Piece. This set brings what any beginner needs, for an amazing price and the quality doesn’t disappoint.

The kit is a great option for turning small pens, spindles, bowls and larger projects just as well. You get no less than 6 essential chisels in the set: 3/16-Inch parting tool, 5/8-Inch spear scraper, 1-Inch skew chisel, 5/8-Inch skew chisel, 5/8-Inch round nose scraper, 1/2-Inch bowl gouge, 3/4-Inch spindle gouge, 7/8-Inch roughing gouge. The variety is useful and any wood worker knows that it’s a matter of time you get to use some chisels more than the others.

The blades are made of M2 High Speed Steel and this is supposed to outlast the high carbon steel. The steel is thick and pretty long lasting. The handles are made of hardwood and they are pretty grippy.

All these chisels come in a nice softwood case so the chisels are protected and easy to store.

The chisels are sharp right out of the box and are highly efficient for learning. The edges need some honing when they get to you, but this is pretty usual nowadays.

The chisels come in a great variety of sizes and shapes and the assortment is well thought out. This is why the set is a great starter kit.

Let’s sum it all up and highlight the pros:

  • The set contain 8 chisels that come in great variety of shapes and sizes
  • The blade is M2 high speed steel, which is tough and quite durable
  • The softwood handles are reliable and give a good feel in the hand
  • The chisels come in a softwood case, easy to store

As for the cons, there are a few to state:

  • The softwood case has no handle and doesn’t look very durable. As in matter of fact, it may become a project on its own
  • The handles are questionable when it comes to durability
  • The handles are a bit short

But, considering the well thought assortment and the overall quality of the chisels, we’d say you don’t get a lemon with this 8-chisels set.


Best Beginner Wood Chisels

When you have just started to work wood, you don’t really know what to use the most and you pretty much need to try everything in order to get better with this. So a kit with many chisels, various in size in shape, is a natural choice. The Newcomdigi Professional 12-Piece Wood Carving Chisel Set seems to give you not only 12 chisels to use, but also pretty good quality on them also.

The chisels are made of high-quality harden wood and alloyed steel, which translates in durability for both the blades and the handles.

The chisels are versatile and might do some good for jewelers, craft modeling, home repair, hobbies, lapidary use and so many other hobby activities.

The blade on the chisels is polished for twice so it’s easy to carve and labor-save. The blade is not only sharp, but it’s also flexible and tough. The tool bit is made of steel alloy, which is tough so the tool is long lasting.  As for the handles, it’s nice to know that they are made of high-quality harden wood. The surface is smooth, leaves a nice feeling in the hand, but it also gives a good grip.

The set gives 12 chisels of various sizes and shapes and they come in a small, compact case. The case is not only lightweight, but also easy to store and makes easy the carrying around.

Let’s pinpoint the pros now:

  • The set contains 12 chisels various in size and shapes
  • The blade is tough and flexible at the same time
  • The handles are made of harden wood and have a good grip and a nice feel in the hand
  • The chisels come in a small, compact carrying case

As for the cons, there are only few flaws:

  • The case is not the best quality out there
  • The blades might get rusted in time
  • The blades are not very sharp

All in all, any beginner should get the case. As he/she has 12 chisels to choose from and each one of them has a tough, flexible blade that is efficient also thanks to the grippy, sturdy hardwood handle.


Best Wood Chisels for Fine Woodworking

When you want to get to finishing and work the fine details, you may need more than 1 or 2 chisels. Depending on your art project, you may need some chisels today and totally something else later. So you need in fact a set with many chisels that are various enough in size and shape to cover all your needs when working the details on your wood projects.

The Agile-shop 12 Piece Wood Carving Chisel Set Woodworking Professional Hand Tool Gouges New gives you not only a number of chisels, but also chisels that are various enough for many wood projects.

The blade on the chisels is high quality steel and the handles are made of polished wood for a comfortable, yet sturdy grip.

The set finds its place in a wood carving shop and it’s a great buy for any carpenter, wood carver, artist or anything else involving wood work.

The set is pretty much basic, but it does stands out with its variety of shapes and sizes on the chisels.

The blades don’t get to you pre-sharpened so you get the chance of doing it on your own, according to your needs and likings. Once they are sharpened, they remain sharp for a long time. The blades are strong and reliable, ready to take the heavy use.

The handles are comfortable to the hand and give a reliable grip. They fit any hand and don’t give any blisters.

The chisels are around 8” long and come in a protective black roll up plastic case. Each of the chisels has its own place and it’s impossible to misplace them or to lose them just as well.

The set contains: 1*1/2″ wood chisel, 1*1/4″ wood chisel, 1*1/4″ round nose chisel, 1*1/4″ square wood chisel, 1*1/4″ skew wood chisel, 1*1/4″ diamond point chisel, 1*1/4″ curved chisel, 1*1/4″ “U” gouge.

You need to know there is a 1-5mm error doe to manual measurement. Also, the colors may differ from pictures, due to difference display.

Let’s highlight the pros:

  • The set contains 12 differently shaped and sized chisels
  • The blade is tough and the handles is comfortable and reliable
  • The chisels come in convenient black roll-up plastic case for easier carrying and storing
  • The chisels are around 8” long

As for the cons, there are no deal breakers, just few minor issues:

  • You need to sharpen the blades on your own and this is always a reason for sitting on a fence for some
  • The black roll-up case looks a bit flimsy so we’re not sue about passing the time test

Due to its variety and reliability, the set makes it as a good choice for any professional wood worker who simply knows what he/she needs for him when working the wood. And he’s got plenty of good options with this set.


Best Inexpensive Wood Chisels

There’s no way to start working the wood without realizing at some point (juts right away, in fact) that you can’t do much around without some good carving tools.

But, as you’re new to all this wood working, you don’t want to invest too much, but don’t get a lemon either. So a good option in this case is the6pc Wood Chisel Carving Knife Cutter Steel Blades Chisels Woodworkers Set.

The set contains 6 wood chisel carving knives that are versatile as they differ in size. Here are the dimensions of the blades 1/4 in., 1/2 in., 3/4 in., 1 in., 1-1/4 in., 1-1/2 in.

The blades are made of carbon steel, which is a better option for carving as its tough and flexible at the same time. The blades remain sharp for long time and can take the heavy use.

The tools have a 25-degree beveled edge and go great for carving wood.

The handles are made of hardwood which leaves a nice feel in the hand. The handles have a good grip and help you work the wood. They give no blisters, even after working for many hours. The metal details and the wood details help with the grip.

Let’s put on the most important pros:

  • The set contains 6 wood chisel carving knife cutters
  • The blade is made of Carbon steel which is tough and flexible altogether
  • The handles are made of hardwood, with good and cozy grip
  • The tools are durable and reliable

As for the cons, we don’t have any major ones, but some minor flaws:

  • The chisels have no tip protection
  • The durability of the blades is yet to be tested

All in all, for the little money you pay, you get some good quality, reliable and tough wood chisels.


Best Wood Lathe Chisels

No matter how experienced you are on wood working, the SAVANNAH HSS WOOD LATHE CHISEL SET is a reliable set to get by any wood worker.

The set is useful for turning small pens, bowls, spindles or any other large projects.

The set includes 8 wood lather chisels that are various enough to cover most of your needs and likings when working the wood. Here it is the selection you get: 1″ Skew Chisel, 1″ Roughing Gouge, 3/4″ Roughing Gouge, 5/8″ Round Nose Scraper, 1/2″ Spindle Gouge, 5/8″ Skew Chisel, 3/16″ Parting Tool, 5/8″ Spear Scraper.

The blade is made of M2 high speed steel for the 5 ¼” which is very tough and long lasting. The handles are made of wood and are smooth and leave a nice feeling to the hand. They have a good grip and feel steady when working with them. They are just the right size.

The tools come in an efficient and practical 32”x34” turning tool storage. You simply roll to store and protect your tools at the same time. The Turning Tool Storage Roll gives 14 pockets of 13-12” deep that lets you store plenty and various sized and shaped tools. The storage roll has two nylon web straps with buckles that secure the tool roll once you rolled it up. On a plus, the tool storage roll comes with a carrying strap for easier transportation of the tools.

Let’s highlight the pros:

  • The set includes 8 useful, various in shape and size, wood lathe chisels
  • The chisels are protected in a practical, easy for carrying, Turning Tool Storage Roll
  • The blade of the chisels is made of the tough M2 high speed steel
  • The handles are made of hard smooth wood, giving a good grip and a nice feel to the hand

As for the cons, we don’t have many to mention. We simply state that, according to some, the M3 high speed steel is not the best choice for any wood chisels.

All in all, the set gives you 8 various and efficient wood lather chisels that are tough and ready to take the heavy duty jobs.


Best Professional Wood Chisels

When you’re wood carving not only for fun, but also as a regular job, you need a good, reliable, complete set of wood carving chisels. The Wood Carving Chisel Set contains no less of 13 professional wood carving chisels that cover most of your needs when carving the wood.

The set contains 10 chisels of 8 inches and three files and it pretty much covers everything you need from a set of wood carving chisels. The chisels vary much in shapes and sizes and you might find the right use for each one of them.

The blade is made of high quality stainless steel which is tough and able to take the heavy use. The chisels come pretty much sharpen.

The wooden handles have a good length and diameter. They leave a nice feel to the hand and give a good grip. They are solid, very well made and don’t leave blisters after heavy use.

The chisels come in a practical carrying case so you never misplace or lose the chisels. The elastic straps hold the chisels in place and you can’t lose any of them. This rollup case is useful and fits also the sharpening stone that comes along. Yes, you may use the sharpening stone for the chisels as it’s efficient.

Let’s pinpoint the most important pros:

  • The set contains 10 chisels of 8inches and 3 files
  • The set also comes with a practical sharpening stone
  • The blade is made of tough stainless steel and the handles are made of wood
  • The carrying set is a practical rollup

Even though the cons aren’t deal breakers, we still need to mention them:

  • The chisels have no protection for the tip
  • As the rollup case is made of canvas, we wonder on the durability of the carrying case

All in all, this set is great as it covers most of your needs when working the wood on regular basics.


Best Vintage Wood Chisels

So it seems that you’re not only working wood, but you also know what you know what you like best when working wood. And one of the things that you like to do is using vintage gouge. The Angelakerry Carving Wood Chisel gives you 12 DIY knife vintage gouge that not only complete, but also take farther your wood working.

Each one of these chisels have a straight handle that give a good grip and are smooth enough to provide a cozy feel to the hand. The strong tipper of the wood handles is also something to count on.

The chisels are around 5.31” long (13.5 cm) and make a good fit for all kinds of hand sizes.

The chisels feature assorted steel blades and are various enough. They are reliable for detailed carving on wood, clay, wax and leather also.

Here is the selection that you get: 5 arc shape chisels (3, 4, 5, 7 and 8mm), 3 right angle chisels (3, 4 and 6 mm) and 4 kinds shape of 7mm each. Sure enough you’re going to find the utility for each one of them.

It’s good to know that there might be a 1mm error measurement due to manual measurement. On a plus, due to monitor brightness/contrast settings, there might be a slight difference to the colors also.

Let’s highlight the most valuable assets of the set:

  • The set contains 12 chisels different in size and shape
  • The chisels feature assorted steel blades
  • The handles are made of wood and have a good, reliable grip
  • The chisels cover most of your needs for vintage wood, clay, leather working

When it comes to the cons, we only question the durability of the chisels as the set is new.

It’s a sure thing though that the chisels look and act durable so far and are versatile enough.


Best Japanese Wood Chisels

If you are determined to use some Japanese chisels, then it means you are up for it and your budget is also ready to take the dive.

The RIGORO Japanese Chisel NOMI OIRE contains 3 sturdy, reliable chisels that are there for the heavy duty use.

The chisels come in three sizes that cover the most important jobs when hard working the wood.

The chisels are made of heavy black forged steel and are ready to take not only the heavy jobs, but also the heavy jobs for so many years.

The chisels are 8 inches long and get to you sharp and ready for your job.

The handles not only that are made of hardwood, but they also have a nice, sleek and smooth finish. They have a good grip and ensure great balance when working. The beautiful art work, colorful, says Japan all the way.

The chisels are for the professional wood workers and it’s a set to have at some point in your life.

Here are the most important pros:

  • The set contains 3 chisels that come in the most used sizes
  • The chisels have heavy black forged steel blade
  • The handles are beautifully made and give a good, cozy grip
  • The durability of the chisels is not questionable

As for the parts we like less, we can only say the chisels meet high expectations when it comes to wood chisels, for quite some money.

All in all, for this kind of quality and performance, the price is pretty reasonable.