Best thickness planer

If you are into working the wood, it’s only a matter of time (well, typically) until you get to the conclusion (fair conclusion if you ask us), that you really need a thickness planer for the best results ever.

A thickness what? If you are asking this question, it’s only fair that we answer it! J There’s no need to go through some thickness planer reviews to see that this tool is a woodworking machine (we were talking about wood, remember?) to trim boards to a specific thickness throughout their length and flat on both surfaces.

No, you know nothing J about the thickness planer, we mean. The machine consists of three elements: a cutter head that contains the cutting heads, a set of rollers that get the board through the planer and a table. You may adjust the table to the cutter head so that you get the thickness you want on the wood.

If you really are in the business, an industrial thickness planer would not only be bigger, but it will also take very wide boards and give great amount of material in just a single pass. Of course there is a big, strong motor powering these machines and that they are heavy duty machines! But what if it’s the best thickness planer out there, you’d say? Well, the difference is in the details, my friend!

But, for the non-industrial purposes, a lightweight, portable thickness planer may be found (and bought) and used!

When to use it anyway?

First thing first, you can use the thickness planer to create smooth shaped board that have the same thickness. Not to mention that if you are “lucky” enough to get an irregular piece of wood, this little machine levels it on the thickness you need.

You can also use the planer when your project involves joining parts together or to have accurate sized boards for the Xmas project.

When you are in your working shop, you just know that you constantly keep various pieces of woods, different sizes and shapes for…just in case. Well, with the thickness planer you have a reason for keeping it as the planer is going to transform them just like you need it at the right time and project.

Let’s not forget that money is involved also. You can buy any type of wood from a lumberyard for less and shape it as you want with your thickness planer.

Should I worry?

As the thickness planer is a strong, sharp machine, your kind of have to really pay attention to some safety rules when using it. Even if it’s not the best rated planer, it’s still a safe safe machine, don’t get us wrong! You don’t need to hold onto the board once the infeed roller got it.

For instance, try to always feed the machine smoothly, nice and as flat to the machine’s bed as possible. You need to apply some pressure on the board directly on the infeed side of the bed when you are feeding the machine just as well.

Keep in mind this tip also: no matter how experienced you get, when you install your planner knives into the cutter head, it’s a sure thing they’re not going to be set to the same height at both ends. This is why you should always feed boards through the same part of the machine for the final pass (if you want them to be the same, that is).

Try to wear all the knives in just the same way and use the anti-snipe lock mechanism before the last pass. If the machine has this lock, obviously.

Is this all I need to know?

There are many machines out there and each has its flaws and qualities. As the power is pretty much the same, you should pay attention to the details, to the extra-features that truly can make the difference.

Any thickness planer might tear out at some point. This is why the knives need to remain sharp all the time, even against the grain. You can also avoid the tearing by always feeding the board on a skewed angle and not pointing straight ahead. Don’t angle it too far either as the back end might catch on the frame on the machine.

It’s not the worst idea (actually you might want to do it on the tough wood) to wiped the surface of the board with a wet rag before running it through the planer. The wood fibers soften like this and the risk for tearing is minimized. It’s not the best solution, but it is a solution when you get to deal with a stubborn board.

The final pass counts the most so be patient until you get to the end of it!

TOP 5 Best thickness planer reviews


The more you are willing to pay for your thickness planer, the more you can expect from it. The Cutech 40200H-CT 13″ Spiral Cutterhead Planer brings the professional performance at a great price and makes it as a great choice for a wood shop.



The 15AMP motor is powerful and the spiral cutter head has 26 two-sides HSS inserts. The infeed and outfeed tables are very large, 14”x14” to be more exact.

The 4 heavy duty guide posts and the 2 screw posts design give a machine that is able to take the heavy use in a professional shop. The cutter head snipe lock, the internal gears that help you easily adjust the height, the depth Repeat Cut and the large tables are the feature that recommend the machine for the professional use.

Despite its strength, the machine weighs only around 90lbs. which doesn’t make it impossible to move around.

The dust chute has a new design that is more efficient for chip removal. The risk for tearing is lowered also.  The dust port comes as the standard 2 ½” and 4” and ensures a clean work.

The individual cutter tips may be rotated fast and easy or changed almost instantly, so that you can carry on with your project.

The slide depth stops; the snipe lock are also features that add up to the value of the machine.

You don’t need to sand anymore when using the machine. The gauge in front tells you how much surface you are removing and the machine is lightweight, despite its high performances.

The machine runs quiet and is very easy to operate it

Let’s list the most important pros:

  • The machine features very large infeed/outfeed tables
  • The machine has spiral cutter head
  • There are many useful features on the machine: dust port, slide depth stops, snipe lock
  • The machine gives professional performance at a very good price

Let’s also list the cons:

  • The dust collector could use better performance
  • Some think you can’t sharpen the blades, but only to replace them

The cons aren’t deal breakers for sure and the machine is a great option for the professional level wood shop.



Just because you plan the wood every now and then, doesn’t mean you can’t invest in a great quality machine that is ready to give accurate and fast finishes on the wood. The JET 708524 JPM-13CS 13-Inch 1-1/2-Horsepower Planer/Molder is both a planer and a molder and does a good job on both.



The machine comes with a cast-iron table that create a good sized working space. The table is very stable so that you can work precisely most of the time, with minimal snipe or vibration.

The infeed/outfeed rollers are easily adjustable and are very well made also. They are rubber-covered and maintain a constant sped on the stock moving. The rubber ensures a sturdy grip.

The motor is placed at the base is gives ½ horse power. It’s a 115 Volt motor that may be rewired though at 230 volts when in need. The cutter head gets its power from the motor through V-belts. The cutter head is made of steel and has three full-width knives. The three-piece wedge-shaped gibs keep the knives in place and you may install the molding-knife profiles without taking out the planer blades. It’s easy to install the molding knives thanks to the center gib.

The side door on the cabinet is easy to remove so that you can access the motor and the belt-tensioning mount in case of anymore adjustments.

The machine has two feed rates- 10FPM for the smoothest surface (and when molding also) and the 20FPm for dimensioning wood, in large quantities.

The machine comes with metric and inch scales on the infeed housing.

The dust hood is easy to hook up on the 4” dust collector for clean work.

The machine is pretty strong and stays in place thanks to the four lockable casters. You simply roll around the machine when want to move its place. The top-mounted height adjustment handle may seal the deal for you.

Let’s pinpoint the most important pros:

  • The machine gives accurate and smooth wood
  • You may also use it for molding
  • The machine is sturdy and efficient
  • The machine is a great buy for a small shop

We don’t forget to remind the cons:

  • The blades wear out quite fast
  • The machine is a bit heavy weight

Despite the small issues, when you want a machine reliable, durable with accurate results on planning and molding, the planer is a great choice.



When your needs and likings go beyond a small shop’s ambitions, don’t hesitate to invest a little more and get something solid and powerful like the JET 708531 JWP-16OS 16-Inch 3-Horsepower Open Stand Planer.



The 16-inch woodworking planer has a very strong 3hp motor with a magnetic switch. The magnetic controls mean the machine is long lasting and reliable. The 3V-belts transmit maximum power to the cutter head and the machine runs smooth.

The 2-speed gearbox features an automatic chain tensioner so that you may adjust the feed rate according to your needs.

The ground working table is large, cast iron and helps you with accurate cuts, giving good support.  The wide base open stand comes with casting pads for more support and stability while planning.

The surge infeed and outfeed rollers ensure your work piece most support when planning, whereas the large hand wheel with positive gear drive lets you adjust fast and easy the table.

The angles 4” dust port doesn’t let the dust hose to stay in your way and helps you work clean.

The maximum planning of the machine is 16” and the cutter head gets a top speed pf 4500RPM, with 13500 cuts per minute. The feed rate ranges from 16 to 20 and the machine features 3 knives.

The machine is powerful, yet easy to operate. The 4 handles on the sides make the assembling easier and the height adjustment is easy to do.

The planer has a solid build and fits an ambitious wood shop.

Let’s pinpoint the most important pros:

  • The machine has a strong, rugged build
  • The 16-inch planer is powerful and solid
  • The 4 handles help when assembling the machine
  • The machine gives 13500 cuts per minute and features 3 knives

We don’t forget about the cons:

  • Some find the assembling a bit challenging
  • The dust collector works better on left side

The cons are minor though and the planer is a great investment for any professional shop.



Some say that you can’t really have a thickness planer that runs quiet. Well, they haven’t used the Jet – JWP-15HH: 15-inch Helical Head Planer that proves wrong and does more than pretty quiet planning.



The helical insert cutter head of the machine features carbide inserts so that you can get amazing finish, in a very silent way. The machine gives amazingly smooth and soft wood, no matter how tough the wood is.

The cats iron and steel build of the machine create a planer ready to take the heavy duty jobs and the intense use. The machine is strong, for a good amount of time. the cast iron ground table not only gives you a large working space, but it also gives stability so that you can get accurate planning. As for the safety issue, the heavy duty table locks ensure security during use.

The two-speed gear box with automatic chain tensioner helps you easily adjust the feed rate, according to your needs on a specific job.

The 3HP TEFC induction motor with three V-belt transmission add up when it comes to continuous, smooth running of the machine.

The large hand wheel with positive gear drive helps you get accurate and fast table adjustments.

As for clean planning, we need to mention the angled 4” dust port that doesn’t let the hose get in your way when planning.

The magnetic controls ensure easy operating of the machine for a long time, in the most reliable way.

As for the technical specifications, we tell you about the feed rate ranging from 16 to 20FPM, the maximum 14.88” for planning and the 68 four sided inserts.

And, to close the deal, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the smooth surface that creates a nice, elegant machine.

Let’s highlight the most important pros:

  • The machine is strong, reliable and long lasting
  • The machine features a strong 3HP TEFC induction motor
  • The planer gives a large, nice looking working space
  • The machine is stable, with a rugged build ready for the heavy duty jobs, giving smooth finish, no matter how tough the wood is

We have to play fair and square and remind you the cons also:

  • The machine is on the heavy weight side
  • The casters move only one direction (forward/backward)

As the cons are minimal, we think the planer is a great asset for any respecting wood shop.



Despite some rumors that high price doesn’t mean high quality, the next machine is here to prove you wrong as it definitely brings not only high performance, but also comes with great things attached.

The Powermatic 1791213 15HH 3 HP 15-Inch Planer needs 230-Volt and features 1 Phase Byrd Shelix Helical Cutter head. The Byrd cutter head is made from stress-proof steel which gives durability and efficiency to the machine.



The machine features no less than 98 four sided knife inserts that sure give a smooth cutting. The finishing is so fine and the noise…well there is no noise when the machine is planning. The 74 carbide inserts are placed in spiral-shaped rows and let you approach your wood at a 14-degree angle.

The 3HP TEFC motor is strong and has magnetic switch for safer use. The three V-belts give maximum power to the cutter head. The motor is placed on the planer’s base cabinet and comes with a full-length belt cover that is removable for easier maintenance.

The steel infeed and outfeed rollers are serrated and ensure smooth running, giving an 1/8-inch maximum depth of cut, in a very easy way. There is no excessive strain on the machine and the wood doesn’t get damaged.

The large cast iron hand wheel helps you position fast and easy the table. This way you get accurate cuts every time.  the main table is very large and the cast-iron extension tables give you the chance to expand your working space when in need. The machined iron casters extend the life span on the machine and increase its easy operating. Foot-operated brake lock the casters into place for more stability when working.

You work not only fast and accurate, but also clean with the machine as it comes with an all-metal dust hood that keeps debris away from the cutter head. The 4-inch port on the end of the hood is angled to the side, so there’s nothing coming in your way when working.

The machine comes with great adjustments from fabric and it’s very easy to assemble.

Let’s try to make a short list of the main pros:

  • The machine is powerful, strong and gives accurate results
  • The working space is very large but features expandable tables that increase the working surface
  • The machine runs very quiet and gives smooth wood
  • The machine has many features that makes it run accurate, strong for a long time

In order to balance the things a bit, we list our cons:

  • The machine is heavy
  • It doesn’t come with preset thickness stops

For the high performance, the long lasting use and the accurate results, the machine makes as a great option for any medium wood shop.



Best thickness planer for the money/best value


If your budget is tight, but not that tight, you can give it a shot with the POWERTEC PL1251 12-1/2-Inch 15-Amp Planer when in need for a thickness planer.



The machine is powered by a reliable and efficient 15-amp motor which is able to support some challenging jobs in your shop.

When we talk about the technical info, we need to lay down the maximum depth cut of 3/32”, the head speed of 9400RPM and the 18,800 cuts per minute. The minimum thickness capacity of the machine is 1/8”, whereas the maximum is 6”.

The planer has a four-column design which ensures good stability when you work the wood. The stability gives accuracy on your cuts, as it figures.

When you work the very long boards, you may get some help from the piece return roller for assistance.

The machine is also portable as it features carrying handles. The handles are side mounted and they ensure a sturdy grip. The machine is not heavy weight so you’re not going to break your back when moving it around.

The planer gives easy access to the blades. The blades are easy to remove when in need and the index pin set-up supports that. You don’t need some help from blade gauge either. The safety issue is also taken care of thanks to the spindle lock when changing the blades. The cutter head lock adds up when it comes to safe use also.

You get to work nice and clean with the machine as it features a dust collector port.

The machine is easy to mount and to adjust. It’s reliable and efficient and has a good build.

Our most important pros are:

  • The machine is easy to mount and to adjust
  • The planer gives accurate and clean cuts
  • The machine gives easy access to the blades for changing
  • The planer is safe to use and its portable

We don’t forget about the cons:

  • The machine gives a bit of snipe at times
  • The blades need to be changed sooner than you’d want

All in all, for a fair price, you get a reliable, efficient and powerful thickness planer that is also portable.



Best cheap/budget thickness planer


Just because your money is tight, doesn’t mean that you can’t get a pretty good thickness planer like the
WEN 6550 12.5-Inch 15A Benchtop Thickness Planer with Granite Table.



The thickness planer gets its power from a 15-amp motor that gives almost 19,000 cuts per minute, with a speed rate of 26ft. per minute.

You may feed the machine boards thick as much as 6 inches, going to a maximum of 12.5 inches wide. The depth of the plane is adjustable from 0 to 3/32 of an inch with each pass.

The granite table of the machine creates a non-marring surface for the wood you’re working so it’s not difficult at all to travel over. Let’s not forget about the durability part as granite can sure take the heavy use for long.

The fan-assisted dust port on the machine helps you work clean (as much as you can, considering…) and makes sure the sawdust stays far away from your working space.

The machine features all kinds of details that make you consider it when shopping around. The cast iron base, the handle that is adjustable count a lot when you take a look at the big picture. The base has good stability, whereas the rubber handle gives you steady, cozy grip. The side handles are functional and the infeed and outfeed tables may be folded.

No, it’s not difficult to set up the machine as it comes with pre-drilled mounting holes.

The snipe is minimal with the machine thanks to the blades that work together so well with the infeed/outfeed tables. The blades are made of high carbon steel and are double-edged for more accuracy.

Let’s try to get a hold on ourselves and list our main pros:

  • The motor on the machine is strong and the blades are sharp
  • It’s easy to setup the machine
  • The granite table is durable and takes the heavy use
  • The features on the machine increase its value

The machine is not perfect (but there is no perfect, trust us on this) so here are the cons:

  • Call a friend when moving it around, as the machine is quite heavy weight
  • Don’t get professional level performance from the machine, as it’s better for the non-professional use

Cons or no cons, we see the bigger picture: a reliable, pretty good machine that does a pretty good job for your small wood shop.



Best thickness planer under $700


Strong and reliable, the Dewalt Dw735 13-Inch, Two Speed Thickness Planer is a great machine to have when your needs are a bit more than thickening some wood every once in a while.



The machine is powered by a 15-Amp motor, that gives 20,000RPM and has 10,000 RPM cutter head speed. The planer takes the larger cuts in wider materials easily and fast.

The three knife cutter head has a longer life span (30% longer to be more precise) and the changing of the knives is easy and fast.

You may change the feed speed exactly like you want it thanks to the two speed gear box. you get cuts per inch at 96 or 179 CPI.

The machine ensures a clean work and the fan-assisted chip ejection sucks the chips off the cutter head and exhausts them out of the machine.

When we talk about the technical info, we tell you about the maximum cut depth of 1/8inch, the 6-inch depth capacity and 13-inch width capacity.

The machine is easy to adjust, to install and to operate. It comes with a very large thickness scale, functional and efficient.

The four column carriage lock makes the use safer and minimizes snipe. The controls are very responsive and easy to operate.

The machine gives large capacity and it’s great to have around in a bigger wood shop.

The most important pros on our part are:

  • The machine features three-knife cutter head
  • The controls are responsive and the machine is easy to operate
  • It’s easy to install the machine and to change the blades
  • The machine is powerful and has large capacity

The cons aren’t many:

  • There is some snipe at times
  • The board moves once in a while

The cons aren’t major and the machine is a great investment for any wood shop.



Best thickness planer under $500


Just because you have a limited budget, doesn’t mean you should get a limited performant thickness planer. You can get a reliable, efficient planer like the Cutech 40700-CT 12 1/2″ Straight Knife Planer.



The thickness planer features a strong 120 Volt 15AMP motor that is ready to work some heavy jobs. The 10,000 RPM cutter head speed and the 26FPM speed rate provide good speed and accuracy on your planning.

The machine is very easy to setup. The adjustments aren’t difficult to make and, to sum it all up, the machine is very easy to operate.

The knives are reversible and you can change it fast and easy when in need. As matter of fact, you can keep going on when a knife gets worn, with minimal downtime. The machine comes with all the tools you need to change the knives also.

The machine has a 4 screw post design so the you can easily adjust the infeed and outfeed tables. The snipe is minimal and the machine gives accurate and even finishes.

The maximum depth of cut is 3/32” and the maximum stock thickness is 6”.

The machine ensures pretty much clean working space as it also features a 2” dust port that keeps debris away.

Let’s sum it all up again and highlight the most important pros:

  • The machine is easy to setup and to operate
  • The knives are reversible and easy to replace
  • The machine is very well priced
  • The machine is portable

When it comes to the cons, we only have few:

  • The machine isn’t for the heavy duty jobs
  • The durability may be put under question

All in all, for a very good price, you get a reliable, efficient and portable thickness planer that helps you through the easy jobs.



Best thickness planer under $1000


For the hobbyist that likes to work the wood with a hard working machine, the Grizzly G0505 12-1/2-Inch Planer is sure a great choice.



The machine is highly portable and gives accurate and fast cuts, without having a bulky appearance.

The 12-1/2” planer comes with a 2HP motor that gives 10,000 RPM and a feed rate of 32FPM. The double edged HSS knives of the cutter head are sharp and efficient. The machine provides a maximum of 52 cuts per inch.

The return rollers are top mounted and the table is wide enough. The table extensions expand the working space, when in need.

The 1/8” thick knives make the little machine ready to take the challenging jobs for a long time. you can get cuts with maximum width of 12-1/2” and a maximum depth cut of 3/32”. The height on the cutting is 6” the most and the board may be no less the 13/64” thick.

The on/off toggle switch with safety lock ensures not only safe, but also easy operation. The thermal overload protection is a great feature we have to mention.

The knife setting jig minimizes snipe and the machine works all kinds of wood.

The setup is easy and the machine has a solid build.

Our most important pros are:

  • The machine comes with a 2HP motor
  • The machine is easy to setup and to operate
  • The machine is portable and efficient
  • The thermal overload protection, the on/off toggle switch with safety lock are nice features

As for the cons, here they are:

  • The machine runs loud and you need to wear ear protection
  • The machine is on the heavy weight side

The cons are minor and we only focus on the big picture: a reliable, little machine that takes even the challenging jobs in your small wood shop.



Best DIY thickness planer


For the hobby wood worker, that uses a lot the thickness planer, a good, reliable and reliable machine is the Porter Cable 15 Amp 12 In. Thickness.



The machine features a 15AMP motor that gives enough strength for the hobby jobs. It comes also with reversible knives that are not only sharp, but also easy to change when in need. The knives are made of high carbon steel and are double edged, which makes them stronger and more durable.

The steel cutter head is fitted on ball bearing and is strong so the machine works smoother, for longer time. the Poly V belt cutter head and the sprocket feed roller drive, along with the gearbox chain ensure maximum power transmission.

The 4 column design gives stability to the machine.

The machine has a well thought design that makes it easy to use even by the unexperienced wood worker. The dust collection manifold is a nice addition to the machine.

When it comes to DIY, there is no DIY project that you can’t do when using the machine. You can transform some old fences into nice picture frames or wall statements.

The machine is very easy to install and to use. It’s highly portable and it needs little to no maintenance. The tables are foldable for easier movement of the machine. The setup is not complicated at all.

The machine is lightweight and may be used for pine wood, oak.

Let’s highlight the most important pros:

  • The machine is easy to install, to use and to carry around
  • The machine is great for the DIY projects
  • The knives are easy to change
  • The knives are made of high carbon steel

As for the cons, there are some:

  • The machine has some snipe going on
  • The planer is a bit loud
  • The machine has no cutter head lock (which gives the snipe)

As long as you know its limits and only want something for your DIY projects, you’re good to go with the machine.



Best floor thickness planer


Definitely designed and made to take the heavy duty jobs, the Jet – JWP-208HH: 20-inch Helical Head Planer is an amazing option for the well-respected wood shops that really know their job.



The helical insert cutter head features staggered carbide inserts that ensure great finish and quiet work on the machine.

The 5HP TEFC induction motor with three V-belt transmission provides constant power and smooth running of the machine. The positive gear drive moves the table fast and precise. The 1/16” increment height scale help you set accurate adjustments for the finest cuts. The machine has no less than 92 four sided inserts.

The machine gives you the chance to select the feed speed. You can either work with 24 or 31 feed speed. There is a two-speed gear box with automatic chain tensioner so that you can adjust the feed rate according to your job.

The three steel infeed/outfeed rollers keep snipe at distance.

The cast iron and steel construction of the machine is great for the heavy use. The machine has a rugged build and is strong and long lasting. the ground table gives stability so your work is more accurate.

The 5” dust port is reliable for clean planning. It’s angles so that the hose doesn’t stand in your way when working.

Here are our most important pros:

  • The machine features a 5HP TEFC induction motor with three V-belt transmission
  • The machine gives accurate cuts
  • You get to work clean, fast and precise
  • The machine is up for the heavy duty jobs

We don’t forget the cons:

  • The machine is made in Taiwan
  • The machine is heavy weight and difficult to move around

Due to its performances and strong build, we see mostly the good parts on the machine that gives accurate, fast and amazing finish, in a quiet way, considering the power and the size.



Best home thickness planer


When you want a thickness planer for the home use, it’s not a bad idea to go with the Makita 2012NB 12-Inch Planer with Interna-Lok Automated Head Clamp.



The machine has a compact shape which makes it easy to store or to display for use. As it runs pretty quiet, you can easily use it in the garage.

The planer features sharp and easy to replace blades when they wear out.

Even though compact, the machine gives a good working space and the large extensible table enlarge this working space. These tables also can take the weight of the larger pieces.

When we talk about the extra features, we have to remind the adjustable depth stop in case of repeated cuts and the Interna-Lok automated head clamp. This way, the snipe is also minimized.

As for the technical numbers, we mention the 1/8” depth cuts, the 6-3/32” thick wood and the maximum width of 12”.

The machine is easy to operate and the build-in LED lights simply make things easier as they let you know if the planer is plugged on.

The machine is very well made and takes the long use. There’s no need to set it up as it comes to you ready to use out of the box.

Let’s highlight the most important pros:

  • The machine is strong enough for the jobs in your garage
  • The machine runs quiet, so you don’t disturb your neighbors (not like this, anyway)
  • The machine has a compact shape for easier display and use
  • The machine gives accurate cuts

We don’t have many issues on the machine:

  • The machine may mark some wood at times
  • It’s not impossible to get some tear outs

As its compact, quiet and reliable for constant use in your garage, the machine may be a good investment.



Best portable thickness planer


If portability of the thickness planer is the thing that counts the most for you, you might get a reliable one like the Delta Power Tools 22-555 13 In Portable Thickness Planer.



The typical 15amp motor powers the machine and the planer handles pretty well the small shop duties. The four column design give stability to the machine so that you get accurate thickness every time.

You can adjust the infeed/outfeed tables and also work some long pieces as the tables give good support. The snipe is lowered and the rollers come with nitrile synthetic rubber, not damaging the wood.

The quick-change knife system lets you change fast and easy the knives on the machine when in need. The system provides dual disposable knives and the knives are double edge reversible so that the cuts are precise and clean every single time.

The chances for you work clean the wood are pretty good with the machine sine it comes with reversible dust ports that suck chips from both sides of the planer.

The machine helps you get cuts with 3/32” depths with a feed rate of 28 ft./minute and almost 19,000 cuts per minute.

It’s very easy to install the machine that although portable, has a good build and is quite durable.

A short list of pros:

  • The machine is easy to install and to use
  • The cuts are clean and accurate
  • The reversible dust ports are efficient
  • The machine is easy to move around and is quite durable

In order to play fair and square, we need to pinpoint the cons also:

  • The height control has no lock
  • The blades of the knives aren’t the best out there

But, when in need for a portable thickness planer that takes the small jobs in your small wood shop, the machine handles just fine for a good time.



Best quality thickness planer


There are many good things related to the Rikon Power Tools 25-130h 13-Inch Planer with Helical Head and the powerful 15 Amp is just one of them. The planer’s 115V motor cuts wood to a maximum 1/8″ depth and does it smoothly.



The machine features 6 row helical cutter head that gives nice, clean and smooth finish on wood, no matter how tough and soft the wood is. The helical cutter heads are reversible.

The 26, double sided HSS inserts are easy to change when get dull or knocked. The working space is very large and you can plan width of 13” and thickness of 6”.

Even though the machine comes with helpful and detailed instructions, it’s rather easy operate. The several increments stop ensure the easy operation also.

The dust collector is quite efficient and you get to work neatly every time. The dust collector comes with bot 4” and 2 ½’ ports for more efficiency.

The machine is made of steel and has a rugged build. It’s long lasting and ready to take the intense use.

Here’s the list of the most important pros:

  • The machine has a rugged build and is durable
  • It features 6 row helical cutter heads that are reversible
  • The machine comes with useful instructions and is easy to operate
  • The dust ports ensure clean operation

The list of cons is very short:

  • The machine isn’t very quiet
  • The dust collector hood stays in the way when folding the table

Despite the minor issues, the machine is a great quality machine that does an amazing job for the wood shops, for a very long time.



Best small thickness planer


For the smaller jobs around your house, a handy smaller thickness planer would do. Just like the Bosch PL1632 6.5 Amp Planer would do.



The planer is quite strong, despite its small size. It comes with 6.5Amp motor that ensures 16,500 RPM speed for fast stock removal. You get pretty smooth finish on both on soft and hard woods just as well. The wood razor blade is reversible.

The spring-loaded stand raises the tool to protect the blade and tool resting spot. The machine is shaped so that you can easily entry in middle of your work piece.

The dual-mount guide fence comes with protective shield so that you can get sturdy planning on door edges. The plastic overshoe keeps marring of door face at distance.

For an easier operation, the planer comes with both inch and metric depth scales that also help setting the planning depth.

The handle is well designed and its angle provides easier forward motion and better, comfortable grip.

The lock on/off button minimizes risk for accidental start-up and expands the life span.

In order to also work clean, not only fast and accurate, the planer comes also with a shaving bag.

Let’s list our main pros:

  • The planer features a strong 6.5Amp motor
  • The planer works fast, accurate and easy
  • The shaving bag is useful for clean operation
  • The planer is reliable for the small jobs

As for the cons, we only have some:

  • The planer doesn’t come with a carrying case
  • You need to use both hands for safer operation

But, when in need for a small thickness planer, the machine is a sure buy.



Best wood thickness planer


When you want a machine that is designed and made for the heavy duty jobs on many types of wood, don’t hesitate to give it a go with the General International 30-125HCM1 3 HP 15-Inch Planer.



The machine come with a heavy duty cast iron frame that not only brings longer life span, but also minimizes vibration and increases precision.

The motor is bottom mounted and it’s an industrial quality 3HP 220 V motor. The magnetic switch makes the machine durable and safer to use. The machine has an easy head access so that it’s not difficult for you to change knives when you feel it’s time. the triple V-belt drive ensures also more power to the machine.

The Magnum Helical cutter head runs at 5000RPM and features 4 rows of 42 double sided carbide inserts. They knives aren’t just easy to change, but the machine also works pretty smooth for its size.

You get to choose from two feed speeds (16 or 20 feet per minute) that give smooth finishes on both hard or soft woods. The maximum depth of cut is 1/8 inch.

The machine gives large working space and the rear extension tables expand the working area. Additionally, they provide better support for the big, large pieces of wood you’re planning.

You get to work very clean as the machine features a 5-inch dust chute that is angled and placed so that doesn’t stand in your way when working.

The steel base is a one-piece type, fully enclosed and comes with built-in lockable wheels. The machine becomes highly portable.

The most important pros are:

  • The machine has a heavy duty cats iron frame with minimal snipe and maximum stability
  • The machine features a Magnum Helical cutter head and 4 rows of 42 double sided carbide inserts
  • The machine provides large, expandable working space
  • The machine helps you get accurate, precise planning on various types of woods

Let’s not forget about the cons:

  • The machine is heavy weight
  • The assembling might not seem easy for some

Despite the cons, the machine is a great option for school, small wood shops or dedicated hobbyists.