Best Staple Gun for Upholstery


If you’re into handling the small jobs around your house, it may be no news to you the “staple gun” term. In addition, if you considered by now to actually use it for some upholstery, then we may skip some basic information.

Why use the staple guns for upholstery in the first place?

Staple guns are actually able to affix upholstery in some cases. Sometimes you depend more on the extended nose of the staple gun to finish your job. You would need a staple to affix the small cracks on chairs, sofas or some other types of furniture.

If you decide to use a staple gun for your upholstery, pay attention to the “manual safety trigger”. The trigger may help you actually engage the mechanism independently. As the safety trigger is placed on the bottom of the nose in many models, you may access it while working. Try not to have a safety trigger near where you press the tool to avoid having accidental discharges.

Some basics, though

When we talk about the staple guns for upholstery, there are three main categories we talk about: manual, electric and pneumatic. If your budget is big enough, we can’t stop you from getting all the types. If you know exactly why you need one in the first place, you may settle for just one model after all.

It seems that the most popular model out there is the pneumatic staple gun as it provides high versatility. The pneumatic guns are portable and not that expensive and can give you quite some power on the job. Moreover, if you’re not after the high power on a job, you simply turn down the air compressor. As you do need an air compressor for the staple gun-so, that’s another buck to spend.

If you are considering the electric staple gun, keep in mind that many models don’t feature and actual “trigger” that you depress. You simply press the tool down into your job material that needs to be affixed. You really need to pay attention and not press too hard as you may damage the upholstery. A triggered staple gun needs safety features though, especially if there are kids around.

If you feel really confident about your strength, you may also try a manual staple gun. It’s definitely the cheapest options and you may get the same results as in the other categories. However…did you eat your spinach today?

Which one is the best for you though?

Even though it’s only you that knows the best your needs, abilities and budget, we can still give you some hints when you go shopping for a staple gun for upholstery.

The thickness of the wire that is fired out of the staple gun is actually the gauge of the tool and an important feature to look at. The best choice for upholstery is a staple gun with 22 gauge staples. Some projects take the 18 gauge just as well though and you should keep in mind that staple guns mention their gauge.

Another important feature is the crown of the staple gun. The crown refers to the tip of the staple gun and how wide it is. You may find a wide range of terms for the crown: narrow, standard, wide. When you go through the numbers, you get to see that narrow means 0.25 inches, standard is 3/8 inches and 5/8 inch is for the wide crowns.

Let’s go shopping though

The variety of models matches the variety of prices but you pretty much figure on your own which are the cheapest and which need the extra buck.

If a manual upholstery gun is priced from $20, the pneumatic staple gun is placed in the medium prices zones. In addition, for obvious reasons, you should be prepared to spend an extra buck for the electrical ones!



Top 3 staple gun for upholstery reviews


When you’re not sure how much you should pay a strong, dependable staple gun to work on your upholstery, give it a go with a medium priced tool. The Unicatch USC71/16L (US2238AL) Long Nose Upholstery sure matches the description and helps you get in the most difficult places to reach thanks to its long nose.



The tool uses 22 gauge 3/8” crown staples and staples long from 5/32” to 5/8”. The tool may hold up to 178 staples each time.

The tool needs an air compressor in order to work and you shouldn’t go for more than 120PSI. Most agree you get the best performances when using a 70-80PSI pressure.

The magazine is placed on the bottom and this lets you reload fast and easy. Let’s not to mention that this type of design also protects the tool from any debris or dust going inside.

The staple gun is lightweight and is user-friendly. It’s very well made and has a good balance. It’s also a sturdy, strong tool that gets in the narrow spaces at ease.

The staple gun is easy to load and to use. It doesn’t jam and may fire repeatedly with no jamming.

Let’s make a short list of things we like most:

  • The staple gun is lightweight and strong at the same time
  • The long nose helps you get in the tight and difficult to reach spaces
  • The magazine is placed on the bottom and is easy to load
  • The tool is easy to use and doesn’t jam, even if fired repeatedly

Along with the good things, come the ones we like less:

  • The gun doesn’t come with staples
  • It doesn’t come with instructions, even though it’s quite easy to use
  • It has no safety trigger

Despite the minor issues though, we try to focus on the good ones and see the tool is reliable, easy to use staple gun, especially for the narrow spaces.



If you were willing to invest in a good staple gun that works great on your upholstery and is reliable for a good time, a sure buy would be the Fasco 11081F F1B 50-16 1/2-inch Crown 20 Gauge Duo-Fast.



The staple gun is a single shot stapler that takes staples similar to Duo Fast 50 series. You may drive ¼” to 5/8” leg long staples, ½” wide crown.

The tool is highly dependable and is strong, running smooth every time. It gives continuous firing and is always ready.

The tool comes with a safety trigger guard and a lightweight aluminum housing. It has a rugged build and is rather lightweight.

The staple gun is easy to use and to load. The magazine is easy to open and has one finger latch. The reversible bumper adds parts life.

The tool is efficient and increases production when you use it on professional jobs.

Here are the most important qualities:

  • The tool is strong, yet lightweight
  • It runs smooth, with continuous firing and is always ready
  • It comes with a safety trigger guard
  • It’s efficient and durable

We also need to mention the parts we like less:

  • It takes better the full staple rows
  • The safety lever is made of plastic

Despite the minor issues though, the staple gun is still a dependable tool to work on your upholstery.



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