Best Snow Tire Chains in 2019


Snow tire chains are pieces of equipment that perfectly match the tires of vehicles, giving maximum traction when driving on snowy and icy roads. These can be made of a wide array of materials that may have various patterns and shapes offering different advantages.

For a non-engineering mind, it can be a pain not only to buy the right ones but especially when it comes off properly using them. If this is your first time when you need to buy them, you probably went through many tire chain reviews but still you don’t have a clear view of how to use them and what tire chains are the best. I wrote this article for guys like you.

When driving with your chains plugged in you end up consuming more fuel and the allowable speed of your car will get slower. What the chains offer instead are an increased traction and better braking.

Snow tyre chains are usually sold in pairs and is extremely important that they fit a particular tire (tire diameter and tread width). You put them on a tyre where you have traction so if you have a front wheel drive you are going to put them on the front tyres.

When it comes of buying tyre chains you will find a whole range of options, each one having it’s own benefits, whether if it’s the price, their finesse, traction, endurance, ease of setup or recommended travel speed.

Most tire chains are encased around the circumference of the tires and sticked in place with rim chains, which may be chain or cable, elastic or adaptable tensioners.

Alternatives to tire chains are studded tires which are snow tires with metal studs individually firmly fixed into holes in the treads.

The most important thing you should consider when choosing your tyre chains is that they should fit perfectly. You may want to check your car’s maintenance manual first because there are some vehicles and trucks with a very small clearance between the fire and the closest internal component. The chains may interfere with your electronic sensors and they may function improperly.

Making sure of the right fit between chains and tyres is important because anytime ice blocks may stuck in your chains and damage the suspension or the brakes.

Pay enough attention to the three measurements on the side of your tire. The first number indicates tire width, the second represents the tire height ratio and the third represents the diameter of the wheel.

When to use tyre chains?

You should only think of using snow chains only when the road is covered with a compact layer of ice or snow, otherwise both your car and the asphalt may suffer damages. You may need to fit and remove them quite often, so you should get good at this. You may laugh, but some practice in the summer may prove to beneficial. When chains are loaded with frozen ice and your gloves are wet, you wish you do the job as fastest as you can.

The cables are the easiest to use. You start by laying them flat. You park the car then you put the chains behind or in front of the tyres and you drive up onto the chain. You just basically flip it over and then you connect it.

You may also consider buying a tyre chain installation helper. These work as mini ramps helping to avoid gliding and permitting you to lay a cross chain in a pre-formed gouge.

Should you adjust your driving skills?

Well, yes. You should pay more attention when accelerating or decelerating. Be careful as there is a higher chance of spinning and your wheels may block easier. Be more cautious when you need to accelerate. If for any reason your chain will break, you should stop and make required repairs. You will assume the risks if you decide to drive with a broken chain.

Now that snow tyre chains aren’t a complete mystery for you anymore, allow me to help you with some recommendation.


  1. Security Chain Company Super Z6

The product comes with a diagonal-pattern cable chain that offers an awesome all-around traction with obtrusive cornering helping to stop efficiently. It complies with Class-S clearance requirements and can be used in drive tire clearances as small as 6mm, making it a great choice for most family cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs. You may consult the following guide in order to make sure they will fit your car.

It is also appropriate for traction control and ABS systems. The Super Z6 is best for on-road surfaces, abrupt grades, deep or packed snow, and roads covered with ice. These chains come equipped with an integrated rubber tightener.

It was designed to be able to work together with anti-lock brakes, traction control, all-wheel drive, and other electronically monitored control systems.

I also came to recommend this product because they made a good job into creating a snow chain that is extremely easy to change, even for a person performing the action for the first time.

  1.  Thule XG12 Pro Deluxe Snow Chains

Thule is surely a premium-oriented brand, as you probably know from other products like roof racks or cargo boxes. Their vision is set on supporting people get outside, and their products  really helped customers get from A to B, a lot easier.

The Thule  XG12 Pro Tire Chains are made for SUV’s and similar vehicles. Sold in pairs, these chains can be applied to tires with a size ranging from 225 to 255.

What’s amazing about these chains, is that you only need 12 mm of clearance to install them. Self-tensioning and self-centering don’t take a lot of effort. The special pattern of chains is made specifically to grab packed snow and ice more aggressively. You will also get a 5 years warranty.


3.Glacier Chains H2828SC Light Truck V-Bar Twist Link Tire Chain

The Glacier Chains H2828SC is ideal for SUVs, trucks, vans. Unlike other chains that can support various types of cars, Glacier chains are intended for larger vehicles only. As with most chains available today, this product offers firm traction and improved control on snow and ice-covered roads. However, some buyers have advised that Glacier installation can be a bit tricky and time-consuming.

Buyers reported that you could significantly reduce the mounting time with the lever-end fastener, shipped together with the product. Locking side cams guarantee a precise fit. However,  you may consider investing in a chain tighteners if you are really up to this product, as Glacier Chains often loosen after a period.

With a listing price of $184, Glacier Chains are the most expensive on the list, but do they worth the investment?

The answer is related to how valuable you consider its features and their ease of installation. The chains have twisted links and a cross chain design which support a less stressful driving on roads capped in snow and ice.


  1. Thule 12mm CB12 High-Quality Snow Chain

Thule 12mm snow chains are particularly easy to fix, the color-coded assembly points proving to be extremely manageable and practical. Once you’ve installed the chains surrounding each tire, just move your car gradually to finish the process. Moving the car allows the Thule chain’s to self-center and brings the auto-tensioning system to life. The system contracts the chains fitly around each tire so you don’t have to make corrections later. For extra convenience, the Thule chain package also comprises of a hard case, a pair of gloves,  and spare joints. The entire job shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes.

The only inconvenient reported regarding the installation process that for some owners, the instruction manual can be a bit difficult to understand

I find it’s price tag $76 makes the Thule 12mm quite convenient, better enough than 98$ you must pay for SCC Super Z6. Thule gained its reputation a trustable brand, a strong argument for most of its buyers.

The easy installation, endurance, and secure traction – these are some of the reasons many customers praise this product. If you cling to lower speeds, you’ll agree with buyers who enjoy a relatively low noise level on most road surfaces.

Other qualities of this product include its heavy-duty fabric and tight, adjusted fit. However, when it comes to ease of installation, owners find that it often takes a couple of guesses to find out how to correctly install these chains. Performing one or two dry test runs before driving in inclement weather is our recommended course of action.


  1. Security Chain Company QG2828 Quik Grip V-Bar Light Truck Type LRS Tire Traction Chain – Set of 2

Let’s have a look now on a lower price set.If you have a look on Amazon, Security Chain SC1032 is the top selling tire chain set you will find. What people really like about this set of tire chains is the small amount of effort required to install them, and, of course, the overall price. You can the entire 4 pieces set for about 70 dollars, compared to many other chains it’s hard to beat this price.

Another advantage of this set of chains is that they need low working space, making them an excellent choice for vehicles such as sports cars, family sedans, and small to medium sized utility vehicles.

Made of stainless steel, these chains will provide better starting, stopping and cornering performance on a road packed with ice and snow. Additionally, these aren’t as heavy as some other chains, offering a smoother ride.


Best overall tire chains


Peerless 0232105 Auto-Trac Light Truck/SUV 

This product strikes a balance between price, performance, and durability. They provide improved traction performance over entry-level chains and has all the accessories needed for installation. THey are perfect for on-road, steep grades, deep snow, packed snow, and icy roads.

If you are the busy type and you are concerned about the effort it takes to change them, these chains are for you. It takes you less than two minutes to change them. It was designed with low profile links which together with the diamond shape offers an effortless ride compared with the common radial chains. This offers a great traction. You will experience a better drive compared with others diamond shape chains not to mention if you compare it with V pattern cables. It is also recommended not to drive faster than 30 MPH (50 km/hr).


Best tire chains for the money (best value)


Price is the primary criterion when it comes to buying almost anything, but not when your safety can be put at risk. If you usually drive in harsh weather, it’s important not only to drive prudently, but you also need to get some extra traction with tire chains.

You should avoid buying inferior chains or ones that don’t fit properly. as safety should always come first. Make sure that you look at all other features, including the size, before you purchase just because the price is right.


Glacier Chains H2828SC

Even abundant snow and sleek ice won’t stop you when you provide your truck, SUV, or van with these snow tire chains. These guarantee maximum traction keeping you safe while out on the road. The carbon steel twist link cross chain with combined V-bar guarantees that your vehicle won’t slip, slide, and put you, your family and others on the road in danger , even in the harshest conditions.

Lever and fastening provided in the toolkit make these easy to install compared to other in its category, and the side-locking cams keep them carefully in place while you drive. These meet state obligations for safety, and they work even on vertical inclines.


With a price tag just a little above 100$,  these can be considered affordable. You will find various sizes to fit a wide variety of cars. Most buyers find them easy to mount and easy to uninstall. They are excellent for plowing and towing. The design is heavy-duty enough so you may rely on them in the harshest weather.


They may be a bit too robust for on-road use except there is a bunch of snow and ice. I recommend using them with tires that are high-ply to avoid any damage. The first time they may be a bit tricky to install, but compared to other products you won’t have to struggle too much.


Best quality tire chains 


If you live in a region that transforms into a winter wonderland, you are aware of how critical having the right supplies can be and tire chains do not break this rule. Why trust any product and not consider the best?

If you want to feel protected and secure, Thule 12mm XG12 chains are the ultimate chains you’ll ever need to buy.

These are so much easier to mount and detach than other chains.  Their unique design gives the security and traction you need on the road. The manufacturer offers a great warranty, making them an excellent choice to keep you safe in any ruthless weather.

For performance that surpasses the competitors, these Thule  chains may have precisely what you’re looking for, matching high quality with an ingenious design, ease of installation, and a 5 years warranty other products don’t have.


Best budget tire chains


If you don’t want to put yourself at risk out on the road but you still need to stick to a budget, these chains should be near the top of your list of choices.

GudCraft Size 60 High Quality Passenger Car Snow Chain

GudCraft Size 60  Passenger Car Tyre Chains are designed for general sedan use. This product’s low running weight assures exceptional grip in bad weather without pulling down the vehicle. Owners can use GudCraft chains on various type of cars, from station trucks to compact cars, with great results.

Most customers we asked told us the GudCraft’s greatest feature it its simple, logical installation. An affordable convenient, self-centering and self-tensioning system will help you a lot,  acting quickly to contract and bind the chains once the vehicle begins moving.

Some customers mentioned they often needed a couple of trials to tighten them accordingly.

This low-priced GudCraft chain package has enough to offer, not to mention the low operating weight and long service life. Unlike most budget-priced chains that have only a lateral cross, the GudCraft 12 mm chain features a criss-cross design for extra security and assurance on icy roads. However, the GudCraft’s case might not be as qualitative as other products in our article.

Important features (especially considering the price) include a self-centering and self-tensioning system (which automatically ensures a proper match as the vehicle begins to move).


Best tire chains for ice


Regarding of how safely you drive, you won’t get very far without good traction, so what are some good tire chains for with the best traction?

Security Chain Company SZ468 Super Z8

Super Z8 is one the newest licensed winter traction product. Based on Super Z6 design, it can run in about half of the space needed by most cable chains and tire chains. To be more specific, it needs only about 8mm (5/16″) of operating space in the sharp inside sidewall area of the tire.

Super Z8 is prepared to apply to large pick-up and SUV tire sizes, as well as small-to-medium commercial vans. Super Z8 allows a unique combination of performance and utility features for every driver:

Rapid, light mounting without being necessary to move the vehicle (just like the above mentioned Super Z6).

The rubber tensioner is designed-in, meaning you won’t need to stop anymore and retighten once everything is set up. The better all-around traction performance compared to similar conventional products is the main reason I recommend them if you need to drive on ice. Also, they are more long lasting. And another big plus is their adaptability to anti-lock brakes, traction control, (AWD) and other electronically monitored control systems.

They have a low potential for damaging the car body and other mechanical components, even when abused.


Best tire chains for off road


If you are the explorer type and you like to go offroad often, tire chains may be a great addition to scenarios in which your car’s horse powers are not enough, and you need more traction.

RUD Grip 4×4 Truck Tire Chains(1 Pair)

RUD has been in industry for more than 130 years, advancing and perfecting its snow chains. As a German company, RUD is devoted to excellence and innovation. RUD was the first company to produce snow chains and popularized the use of chains as a traction device. RUD was also the pioneers in designing the diamond pattern track chain making it a forerunner for all track chains we now use.

Some product characteristics:

  • Case produced of tough alloy steel
  • Reversible for long life
  • Outstanding traction both on or off road
  • The above mentioned diamond pattern that offers excellent stability on the sides
  • Their price is not so high considering the long lasting fabrics

Before installing, ensure chains are safety and margins have been checked prior to driving, especially on the front. Examine chains after each trip to ensure they are supporting another round.


Best tire chains for truck


If you are a truck driver, you may have hard times when it comes of picking up the right tire chains for your truck.

RUD Super Greifsteg Chains (Oversized)

These Super Greifstegs are bigger than those you’ll see in available for pickups, SUVs and vans.  They match many of the oversized tires that are usually are hard to fit with tire chains.

These oversized RUD Super Greifstegs are a top class tire chains that match the commercial and industrial tires, but they also have great results with some light-duty trucks with oversized tires.  For those that can’t find the right size and don’t want to sacrifice quality, Greifstegs are the chains to get.

These chains are composed of manganese-chromium nickel alloyed, being suitable of use with 4x4s, quads, off road cars, vans , forklifts, tractors and last but not least, buses . Their heavyweight design makes them wear more evenly and ultimately last longer.

Compared to other products these tire chains clearly have some advantages: the wear bars and cross-links will strongly drill into compact snow and sleek ice The heavy duty fabrics will ensure a long lasting life.


Best tire chains for cars


Security Chain Company QG2828

These are produced particularly for light trucks and SUVs, and they match on many makes and models.

You’ll get the ultimate safety with these chains that are link chain reinforced for quality you can rely upon. These satisfy all state guidelines for snow tire chains, and they are intended for on and off road use. They are very simple to install, and they come in a total of eight sizes for all kinds of cars.


Although you will spend more than 100$ for a pair, these are affordable chains for the quality they provide. Multiple sizes are available to match many different vehicles, and this is a plus. They are easy to install as customers reported. They can be used on the roads and highways, but they are also suitable for off-road use. Last but not least, they provide great traction.


The V-Bar can damage high-ply tires. Unfortunately, they also don’t come with a warranty.


Best tire chain alternative


In the winter, there are occasions when most of us wish we had a bit more traction, especially when climbing a slippery hill or ascending an icy driveway. Beyond winter tires and snow chains, there are aftermarket products that pledge to provide added grip for occasional use, promising also a much smoother installation compared for example with the show chains.

One such product willing to disrupt the market is Weatherclaws.

WeatherClaws is a revolutionary alternative traction product intended to substitute snow-chains in both the consumer and industrial sector. WeatherClaws are made of a remarkably long-lasting, weather-resistant polyurethane fabric, which won’t do any harm to tires or the car as chains and cables often do. These are extremely easy to use and can be applied quickly without the use of any extra tool, even if it gets fastened.

WeatherClaws is sold in slightly different types and sizes to accustom every vehicle type.

WeatherClaws are:

– Self Tensioning -automatically conforms to the tire profile.

– Self-Cleaning – unlike chains or mud & snow tires and will not clog and loose traction.

–  Road & Vehicle Friendly – will not damage  roadways or vehicle under normal  operating conditions


Best tire chains for atv 


Here are some guidelines you will need to take into consideration when you are considering buying tire chains for you ATV. First, you need to make sure that you have enough clearance. Generally speaking, clearance is not a problem for ATV’s, occasionally some machines have limited clearance. You need 2 inches of clearance between the inner tire and the shocks. The next thing you need to know is that your tire dimension ATV chains match up to 10 or more separate tire sizes, so you will need adjusters to help achieve a tight fit. Next, you will have to take into account your terrain and the main activities you will use your ATV: is it for recreational use, hunting, are you using your ATV in the woods, on hilly terrain?

There are basically two styles of chains available for ATV’s: VBar and diamond style. It comes down to preference and how much chain you want on the ground.

And finally, price. Good tire chain supplier will offer you better options.

Grizzlar GTU-533 ATV 2 Link Ladder Alloy Tire Chains

After reading enough reviews, I came to conclude that Grizzlar GTU-533 ATV 2 Link Ladder Alloy Tire Chains are an excellent choice for your ATV. They will offer enough clearance, they will fit a wide range of tire sizes, they will work in the harshest conditions and extreme environment and will provide an overall great quality for the amount of money invested. The manganese steel VBar shape will offer longer durability.


Best tire chains brand


Thule (König)  is without any doubt a top class brand when it comes of car accessories , as you probably know from other products they make such as roof racks or cargo boxes. Their goal is set on help people get outdoor , and their products  really helped their clients get from A to B, a lot easier.

Starting  October 2, 2015, the snow chain business is not anymore part of the Thule Group. This is the reason why you will find Thule snow chains known as König.

Since 1966 they are renowned producers of premium quality snow chains sold all over the planet.

With time, they have expanded their product variety and currently they sell König snow chains for any types of automobiles:

CONSUMER snow tire chains for all kind of passenger car, SUV, motorhome,  delivery VAN, with the best combination of ease of installation, reliability, and performance.

Snow chains for PROFESSIONAL automobiles: off road cars,  tractor, truck, bus, snow remover and particular vehicle (fork-lift, quad, garden vehicle).

They even developed snow chains for so considered not chainable vehicles by creating chains with a reduced dynamic elevation.

Another feature worth mentioned they added to one of their products is the automatic removing system.

Another reason for picking Thule (Konig) is their website which includes all the relevant information available to download for all of their products, including spare parts, user manual, and warranty.


Best tire chains for bmw (x3,x5)

If you are reading this you may be the happy owner of a BMX X3 or X5 and you are looking for some quality snow tire chains for your car.

As you are about to find out, there are many available options for you to choose from, so let me help decide which one will be right for you and your pocket. I will start by offering an overview of the biggest companies:

Glacier – if you don’t want to spend too much on your tire chains as you will probably use them only a couple of times, I recommend buying these chains.  Because I assume you will not want to get too much adrenaline with your X3/X5 and don’t plan an offroad trip with it, from all manufacturers listed here I recommend the Glacier Cable Snow Tire Chains. Great balance between durability, price, ease to install and traction.

Thule – this is a top quality brand, and there is a general belief  that their products  are easiest to use

Pewag – this brand offers the broadest variety of chain types compared to any other manufacturer: from cable style to heavyweight off-road snow tire chains

Michelin – lightweight, easy to handle polymers chains offer a smoother quieter drive

Titan Chain – if you will need traction then these chains are excellent for you. These chains will be extremely helpful if you plan to drive on deep snow or off road.


Best tire chains for duramax


So you are the happy possessor of a General Motors Duramax. Congrats, you got a wonderful toy. And as any Duramax owner, you will definitely want to test it in extreme conditions. For winter times, some snow tire chains you can rely upon are mandatory. For people like I really recommend buying

König Polar HD

These Konig chains are larger than those you’ll see adequate for pickups, SUVs, and vans.  They match most of the oversized tires that are normally hard to fit with tire chains.

These oversized König Polar HD are a top class tire chains that match the commercial and industrial tires, but they also have great results with some light-duty trucks with oversized tires.  For those that can’t find the right size and don’t want to sacrifice quality, König Polar HD are the chains you want to buy.

The cross chains have reinforcements on straight links providing perfect traction. The materials they are made of also includes +50% of steel volume/

The 5,70 mm links with pillars make the chain secure even on deep-tread land and even on mud terrain.Their heavyweight design makes them wear more evenly and ultimately last longer.

The high density of diamonds enables continuous grip.

The regular fitting system with internal side chain makes the chain secure even in the most extreme conditions.


Best tire chains for front wheel drive 


When installing the chains on your car and you only have a pair of them, the general rule is that you place them on the tires that you have traction. So if you own a car with front wheel traction, the snow tire chains must always be installed on the front tires. If you get traction from the rear wheels, the chains should be placed on those tires. If you are driving a 4X4 then it’s up to you to choose what wheels you will install the chains on.

But bare in mind that there are occasions when all the 4 wheels will need snow tire chains. It may be the case for some trucks or if you need an extra safety on severe weather. But what you want to make sure is that you will place the chains on the right tires if you only have two.

So  whatever quality tire chains you will find that will fit your car and your budget will be a good option if you need to place your chains on the front wheels.


Best tire chains for deep snow


If you are afraid that there is a strong chance that you will drive on deep snow, the most important thing you should consider when buying the adequate tire chains will be the traction they develop. So my recommendation for you will be

Security Chain Company SZ468 Super Z8

Super Z8 is one the freshest accredited winter traction product. Based on Super Z6 design, it can work in about a half of the area needed by most cable  tire chains. To be more specific, it requires only around 8mm (5/16″) of working space in the sharp inside sidewall area of the tire.

Super Z8 is qualified to be utilized on large pick-up and SUV tire sizes, as well as small-to-medium commercial vans. Super Z8 allows a unique combination of performance and utility features for every driver:

Rapid, light install without being required to move the vehicle (just like the above mentioned Super Z6).

The rubber tensioner is designed-in, meaning you won’t have to stop anymore and retighten once everything is set up. The better all-around traction performance compared to similar conventional products is the main reason I recommend them if you need to drive on ice. Also, they are more long lasting. And another big plus is their flexibility to anti-lock brakes, traction control, (AWD) and other electronically monitored control systems.


Best diamond tire chains 


There many designs patterns for snow tire chains, each one having its pluses and minuses. If you need more tire coverage and better traction, then some diamond pattern tire chains might be what you’re looking for.

The ones I recommend in this category are :

Titan Chain Alloy Snow Tire Chains

These square-link, diamond-pattern tire chains provide perfect adhesion in snow and ice for cars with the insufficient wheel well clearance. Made of a long-lasting and corrosion-resistant manganese nickel alloy with built-in tensioners to facilitate placing.


Firm, durable compound tire chains brings you extra traction in deep snow and icy roads

Superior grip and stopping capability on ice

Short link dimension contributes to a stable ride

Diamond-pattern chains contribute to extra tire coverage

Better traction and braking power when running forward and during turns

Quick and simple manual mounting with supported adjustment

Integrated tensioners allow you restrain the perfect fit

Manganese nickel alloy construction is especially hard, enduring, and rust resistant

Reusable plastic storage case included


Best tire chains for Ford Explorer


Regarding how great ‘all-season’ tires may be, there is no replacement for conventional tire chains when snow and ice cover the landscape and won’t be in the near future as well. All conventional tires have their shortcomings when it comes to bad weather, no matter how reliable they might be otherwise.

As a Ford Explorer owner, you will surely want some extra safety and traction during your adventures on winter conditions, especially if you are a fan of the offroad.

So I searched the web for you and found what might be the best snow tire chains for your Ford Explorer:

Security Chain Company SC1032 Radial Chain Cable Traction Tire Chain

Thanks to their stainless steel fabric, these distinct tire chains are remarkably durable. Manufactured to give extra grip when starting, stopping, or veering, these chains will guarantee a smooth ride in almost any extreme weather. They need low working space around the tires while their nearly lightweight fabric provides a much simpler installation and removal that shouldn’t take you more than a couple minutes under normal conditions.


Best emergency tire chains


Emergency Tire Chains are allowed in all states. However, emergency tire chains are intended for little distances only and may not get you out of trouble when you encounter the”TIRE CHAINS REQUIRED” sign on highways. Emergency tire chains are an excellent traction help when you get stuck, or you consider it’s imminent. Their easy mounting and discharge make them an excellent safety product in all cars. Emergency chains are produced for an emergency only and a short period!

Emergency chains are not intended for any endless driving. Another limitation of use is that these types of chains can only be applied with slotted wheels. Also, a good advice is to use at least one pair per drive tire, installed on the opposite of each other. The idea behind these devices is just to get your vehicle out of a side street, parking lot, driveway, etc.

To install them, cross the chain through the openings in the rim and place the cross chain in the center of the tire tread.

Then drag the draw chain fixed. You should put at least 1 piece per drive wheel.

Be careful not to place any chain on a tag axle. The tag axle is a dead axle usually placed to the back of the drive axle.


Best tire chains for garden tractor(best lawn tractor tire chains)


TerraGrips Tire Chains

For a superior traction on the entire year, TerraKing TerraGrips represent a compelling new choice to steel tire chains. Rather than delving into the surface, reinforced rubber belts provide a solid grip, dropping scratching, chipping, and general covering and tire damage. Perfect to be applied in any slack material, TerraGrips install without much effort and are built for eternity. Designed and engineered in the U.S. ,  you can buy them in a set of 2 pieces.

These chains will guarantee you a  better traction in all environments: snow, dirt, mulch, pebbles, and everything you may think of.

Rubber braces contribute to a superior grip and shield driving surface against damage. Rubber assures excellent durability and prevents additional tire wear caused by steel chains.


Best tire chains for Honda Odyssey


As Honda Odyssey owner, having a set of snow tire chains may prove to be a very good idea as you most likely bought the minivan for family or best friends trips. You don’t want to get blocked in the middle of nowhere surrounded by snow with your kids inside. If my assumptions are right, allow me to recommend you a set of snow tire chains that will meet exactly your needs for your Honda Odyssey.


Thule 16mm XB16 High Quality SUV/Truck Snow Chain

Manufactured of strong, hardened manganese nickel alloy steel, these Italian hand-made snow tire chains are the expression of strong tire chains. They fuse dual-sided D-shaped links invented to provide outstanding traction while increasing their life significantly. They also include a patented self-centering and auto-tensioning system that will fit the chains automatically to provide a perfect fit.


Best tire chains for ice fishing


Ice fishing is a passion not many people have and it’s easy to understand why. Besides a lot of patience and resistance to cold temperature, you also need a powerful car equipped with the best tire chains in order to get to your favorite spot. So what are the ideal snow tire chains for ice fishing passionates like you?

Security Chain Company SZ468 Super Z8

Super Z8 is one the brand new licensed winter traction product. The manufacturer improved the Super Z6 design. The new ones can work in about half of the space required by most cable chains and tire chains. It only needs about 8mm (5/16″) of operating space.

Super Z8 is prepared to equip large pick-up and SUV tire sizes, as well as small-to-medium commercial vans. Super Z8 creates a novel combination of performance and utility features for every driver:

Rapid, light mounting without being needed to move the car (just like the above mentioned Super Z6).


Best tire chains for jeep 


Let’s face it: no one looks ahead to connecting snow chains. Rolling around in the slimy snow while your hands freeze on the little metal hooks is no way to start a ski trip on a morning in the mountains. You can’t prevent using chains when you the unforeseen happen, but you can cut the installing time to its minimum with if you consider buying a set of CS-10 Tire Chains.


Thule CS-10 Tire Chains

Manufactured for such scenarios, the Thule CS-10 Tire Chains is shipped together with a patented self-tensioning system. This perfectly fasten the tires, so you don’t have to struggle around with clasps. Plus, they’re provided with a quick-release tool helping you to remove them in the same small amount of time/

Last but not least, Thule CS-10 Tire Chains are constructed for outstanding traction. The combined effect of the asymmetrical diamond pattern chain and the icebreaker reinforcements bite down on the road for safe and a smooth manoeuvre in snow and ice. Your Thule CS-10 Tire Chains are delivered in a handy case that fits perfectly in your jeep, and you will be offered a 1-year warranty.


Best low profile tire chains 


When you’re heading up the mountain to practice your favourite winter sports, you don’t wish to spend time at a checkpoint bungling with old-fashioned show chains. Nothing is sadder than having your fingers frozen while you strive to secure chains around the inside of your tires well.

Thule K-Summit Low-Profile Passenger Car Snow Chain

On your next adventure into the snow paradises, take with you Thule K-Summit Tire Chains. You will be amazed by the small amount of time required to mount them using a lug-mounted ratchet tool. Also, they don’t require any rear-wheel, making them one of the best choices available when it comes to low profile tire chains.

Along with their simple installation, Thule K-Summit Tire Chains deliver unequalled grasp whether if it’s snow or ice. Their traction plates are a mixture of injection-molded plastic with metal studs that seize the streets and fight off the slides.

Thule K-Summit Tire Chains require zero rear wheel clearance

Their injection-molded plastic traction plates use metal studs to cut through slippery surfaces and ensure safe handling.

Unlike old-school snow chains, the Thule K-Summit Tire Chains feature steel tensioning springs for a snug fit that won’t bash against your rims.


Best tire chains for light truck


Unless you live at the Poles and your neighbour is Nanook, severe winter weather only needs to be endured for a short time. But, when the snow begins falling, and black ice starts setting, you want a good set of snow chains to keep your light truck from slip-sliding into a trench. If you want a riskless and smooth ride,  I truly recommend you this set of Pewag Glacier V-Trac Cable Tire Chains.

Pewag Glacier V-Trac Cable Tire Chains

If you’ve ever bungled with heavy tire chains while your hand froze rock, you’ll enjoy just how simple it is to install Pewag Glacier V-Trac Cable Tire Chains. These Pewag snow chains are manufactured from sleek strands of hardened steel rollers fit together in a diagonal shape. Not only are they an easy accomplishment to work with, but the extra rubber tensioners maintain your Pewag chains tight against your wheels.

Best of all, Pewag Glacier V-Trac Cable Tire Chains come in a broad range of sizes to match everything from compact hatchbacks to godzilla-sized SUVs. And, they operate on Type S (limited clearance) cars and meet all state snow chain requirements. You will also get a 90-day warranty, so they will make you enjoy a solid grip and a smoother ride.


Best tire chains for Subaru Outback


The bigger the vehicle, the greater the traction required for safe driving. So, when you go out on a drive through winter landscapes, you need at least a pair of snow chains that are specifically engineered to handle your Subaru Outback. That’s precisely what you receive if you will consider buying a set of Thule XG-12 Tire Chains. Designed to deliver definite foothold through the heaviest snowfall, XG-12 Tire Chains will bring a significant contribution to get you home safely.

Along with their impressive traction, Thule XG-12 Tire Chains possess an easier mounting compared to conventional snow chains. They are provided with a patented self-tensioning system that fits the chains tight against your wheel with a minimal effort. Your days wasting time in cold with frozen hands trying to fiddle the clasps will simply be gone.

Even more, the Thule XG-12 Tire Chains need the least amount of clearance between your wheel and the tire which is just 12mm. And, they won’t conflict with any factory traction or brake controls. Your XG-12 Tire Chains come in a convenient carrying case, and are delivered with a 1-year warranty.


Best tire chains for Prius


If you are a Prius owner, I want to start by congratulating you for your choice. Although it’s a hybrid car, you have no reason not to enjoy your car in on snow or ice, but you will definitely need some snow tire chains in order to assure yourself the necessary traction. My recommendation for you is:

Glacier V-Trac Cable Snow Tire Chains

Made of case strengthened low-carbon steel. The Spring breakers are enclosed around sturdy wire cross cables. Buyers also reported that side cables are strong enough to resist.

They are also assembled with a diagonal cross design that offers a stable, more gentle ride than traditional cross cables.

The chain can be attached to both the front and rear wheel.

When you want to install tire chains on your car, be sure to verify the manual that came with it about tire chains. Since your Toyota has front wheel traction, you will install the chains on the front wheels. Before getting ready to install the chains, you will have to turn the wheel all the way to the right so you will be able to access it simply on the inside.


Best tire chains SUV


Getting to your destination is half the pleasure, but twice the struggle when the sky starts dropping a load of slick snow on your way. For best traction at a part of the return, equip your car with Thule XB-16 Tire Chains. Particularly engineered for SUVs and trucks, XB-16 Tire Chains offer the anchor you need to break through both heavy snowfall and moderate sprinklings of snowflakes.

Don’t let their reasonable price trick you into believing that the Thule XB-16 Tire Chains are run-of-the-mill. Bare in mind that these snow chains are 100% made by Thule and comply with the highest  standards set by the world’s car manufacturers experts. Your pair of XB-16 Tire Chains is built to achieve one core purpose: ensuring you will get to the final address safe and sound regarding how critical the conditions get.

Best of all, you won’t stretch your hair out in defeat trying to install your Thule XB-16 Tire Chains. All assembly points are colour coded to lead you through the unambiguous mounting process. They need only 16mm of wheel well clearance, come in a usable carrying case, and you will receive them with a 1-year warranty.


Best tire chains for highway use 


When winter season rolls around, and you must drive on never ending highways, assure yourself that you’re prepared to drive with a set of GudCraft Size 60  Passenger Car Tyre Chains

Gudcraft Size 60 chains are designed for generic sedan use. This product’s low operating weight assures excellent grip in adverse weather without pulling down the vehicle. Owners can use GudCraft chains on several kinds of cars, from station trucks to compact cars, on each one great results being achieved.

Most customers we interviewed told us the GudCraft’s excellent feature is its simple, logical installation. An affordable convenient, self-centering and self-tensioning system will help you a lot,  acting quickly to contract and bind the chains once the vehicle begins moving.

This low-priced GudCraft chain package has enough to offer, not to mention the low operating weight and long service life. Unlike most budget-priced chains that have only a lateral cross, the GudCraft 12 mm chain features a criss-cross design for extra security and assurance on icy roads. However, the GudCraft’s case might not be as qualitative as other products in our article.


Best winter tire chains


You asked for the best winter tire chains? Well let’s have a look at these monsters.

König Super Impact

From all the products that I tested and I read reviews of, these are the most efficient, ever-lasting snow chain for extreme weather conditions. Just have a look at their design.

These Chains are made of K-Premium Steel, ensuring optimum performance and endurance. The distinct net type design wrapping up the tire completely and provides the best performances in severe use conditions.

Some other benefits worth mentioning:

There cross chain with supports and anti-wearing bars – joined not on reinforcements but vertical links – giving the best traction and +100% of iron volume.

D-shape wire securing traction on external side and sliding between links

Triple cross-chain closing hook, with unblocking method, makes the chain secure in every use condition, and some extra welded bars to prevent hook’s wearing even under the most intensive use

Special welded rings connecting pattern and lateral chain for high reliability in every situation.

Internal chain with two handcuffs to adjust the chain and adapt it to different tires profile/wearing level.