Best Quality Glue Gun


Let’s put it out there: if you want to get some use from a glue gun, you really need to take a good look at it and not just get the cheapest out there. As long as you don’t want your rhinestone fall down, few days later after you “glued” them.

Try to get a glue that gives you a constant temperature so that you may apply smoother the glue. It seems that 100watts is to look for if you go professional, whereas 10 watts is enough for a small project around the house. In addition, if the glue gun needs only 5 minutes or less to heat up, you’ve got yourself a winner!

Plastic is not all the same and what is made of is also important for your glue gun. You want a long lasting, yet lightweight and easy to handle glue gun, right?

No matter how great they tell you the glue gun is, it’s worthless if its trigger doesn’t have an ergonomic design. After all, if you control the flow on the glue, chances are you are able to put just the right amount in the right place!

Even if you need the glue gun for your next DIY project, it’s very likely you’d want to use it again. Go for a glue gun that is reliable in many job applications, not only for your latest DIY project.



Best glue gun for bows


One thing is sure about the Surebonder H-195 Mini Detailed Glue Gun: it does give you accuracy on your job, no matter what!



The 20-watt glue gun uses high or dual temperature glue sticks and presents many functional features. The safety fuse increases protection, whereas the insulated nozzle expands the life span on the glue gun.

The glue gun is a great option for the precise detailed work and you may use the high temp for paper, fabric, plastic, metal or wood. When working on bows, you can safely use the low temp.

The tool comes with a large trigger, which is easy to press, and gives good control on the flow of the glue.

The on/off switch is helpful and the tool heats up fast. The lighted power light informs you when the glue gun is ready and the narrow tip gets you in the tight spaces, for more accuracy.

The most important pros are:

  • The glue gun has dual temperature feature
  • It comes with a detachable stand
  • The insulated and narrow tip is great for accuracy, for longer time of use
  • The tool is easy to use and heats up fast

As for the parts, we don’t like much:

  • As it’s lightweight, the glue gun tends to flip over sometimes
  • Sometimes it drips

No matter the minor issues, when in need for a tool to work the bows, the glue gun is a reliable option.



Best glue gun for Depron


When you are looking for a glue gun that manages to give you a help when working with Depron, give it a go with the Woodland Scenics Low Temp Foam Glue Gun.



The low temperature glue gun gives strong bonds on foam and the bonds are almost instantly. It’s versatile and may be used also for plastic, wood and various craft materials.

The glue gun comes with an ergonomic design and very good build. The grip is sturdy and comfortable, so there is minimal strain for the hand when using it.

You don’t have to worry about the safety as the glue gun features also a stand that keeps in place the glue gun when in use.

The nozzle is insulated and has a small tip, which means you can get precise work every time. The tool heats up really fast.

The trigger fits easily a large hand and it’s easy to press it. The glue creates strong bonds and the results are permanent.

The glue gun has a good build and is very well made.

Here are the most important pros:

  • The glue gun creates strong bonds
  • The low temperature tool is good for foam, Depron and other materials
  • The tool heats up fast
  • It has a strong build and is made to last

We don’t forget the cons:

  • Some think the comfort may be improved
  • It’s not the prettiest glue gun out there

No matter the minor issues, we still recommend the glue gun as a good choice for Depron.



Best DIY glue gun


Just because you don’t pay the extra buck, doesn’t mean you can’t rely on a glue gun like the Vastar Hot Glue Gun with 30 Pieces.



The 20-watt, 100-240 volts glue gun gives quite some power for its size, which makes it a good option for any DIY project/other small jobs.

The glue gun is not just small, but has a well thought design, which increases the comfort on use. In addition, it’s able to get into small places.

The glue gun is long lasting as it’s made of good quality materials.

When it comes to list of features, we mention the power switch with LED light mode so you work safely every time. The nozzle is insulated and the stand is detachable- and they also increase the safety and the ease of use.

As any other good glue gun, the tool only needs 5 minutes to heat up and gives a constant temperature while you work.

The glue gun is also lightweight and very easy to use. It works smoothly and is dependable. It’s easy to pull the trigger to get a better control over the bead of glue. The tool doesn’t drip which is always nice.

The glue is transparent, creates strong bonds and is easy to clean right afterwards. The glue gun presents a cure time of 10-20 seconds.

Don’t let the size fool you as the glue gun has a working temperature of 365F degrees. You still need to handle it carefully, avoiding burning.

Here are the most important pros:

  • The glue is transparent and very strong
  • The glue gun is small, lightweight and easy to handle
  • The trigger is easy to pull for better control on the glue
  • It comes with power switch and detachable stand

We don’t overlook the parts we like less:

  • You can’t control the temperature on the glue gun
  • It may be too small for a bigger hand

No matter the minor issues, we still think the tool is a good choice for any DIY project.



Best non-drip glue gun


They say glue guns always drip, but with the Meltox Dual Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun Kitthis may simply never happen.



The glue gun presents many features along the non-drip features that make your job easier and more precise. The dual wattage option make the tool versatile as you can use it in small and challenging, heavy-duty jobs just as well.

The glue gun is 110-240 voltage and comes with a 50-60Hz Trigger Feed. You may safely use the glue gun for long time thanks to its anti-overheating case and the thermal insulation on the handle. It’s easy and safe to switch between the two operating modes, depending on your needs for a job.

The tool has a great design, but it’s also well thought out. The built-in light indicator is use