Best Multimeter in 2019

Multimeter reviewsA multimeter is an electronic measuring instrument that combines various measurements functions in one unit.

A common multimeter is able to measure voltage, current and resistance just as well. If an analog multimeter uses a micro ammeter with a moving pointer to display readings, the digital multimeter (DMM, DVOM) has numeric display. On a plus, it may also show a graphical bar that represents the measured value.

The best multimeter ever must be a digital multimeter and it’s not only fairly priced, but also accurate. For some cases, though (like when monitoring a rapidly varying value), the analog multimeters make the best multimeter in the world.

A closer look to the best multimeters on the market

You might find the hand-held device, meaning the multimeter, very useful for basic fault finding and field service work. It may be also a bench instrument able to measure to a very high degree of accuracy. You may use the multimeter for troubleshoot electrical problems in various industrial and household devices, going from electronic equipment, motor controls, to wiring systems and power supplies.

The multimeters come in a great range of features and prices. You may find a cheap multimeter that doesn’t go over $10 and some laboratory-grade models that go over $5000. These models come with certified calibration also.

Don’t think that your multimeter needs to be pricey in order to be of good use. Even the low priced meter might find its use for DIY electronics as there are numerous problems that it can solve. The only downside for the low priced multimeter is that it’s limited on its performances and there are situations that overpass its abilities. But, keep in mind that the best multimeter for home use is the one you use the most J

On the other side, lies the reality that you may find best/good quality multimeter for various prices and it’s really difficult to find the highest price for a multimeter.

We also have to state that even the best rated multimeter has its limits when it comes to accuracy. In order to maintain its accuracy limits, you need to calibrate it from time to time, and this is up to $100 for a hand held meter. Add up the cost of the parts to make a meter calibratable, the price of the infrastructure to do the calibrations…and you get to see there’s no way you can’t find calibratable meters for less than $100. Note to self: best multimeter to buy is one that goes over $50 and it’s calibratable just as well.

You need to consider if you want a digital or an analog multimeter. The analog meters (VOMs) cover these functions: voltmeter, ohmmeter and milliammeter. Digital meters (DMM) include several meters in one which is a big plus.

How to choose your multimeter?

Amazing enough, poor precision is not the worst thing on a meter for DIY electronics, but it only lets you know if a circuit is working or not. If you actually want to know which circuit is working well and which isn’t, you need some precision and even the best multimeter for the money might not help you on that.

So, if you want accuracy on your multimeter, then you need to get a calibratable meter, which means you need to pay the extra bucks. The more you’re willing to pay, the more functions you get on your multimeter. Best multimeter reviews reveal how you might find yourself using  diode testing, temperature measurement, capacitance measurement…just because you can J

Let’s not forget the build on your multimeter. This goes totally related to safety issues and best multimeter brands give you great fit and finish, longer lasting units. These units are actually insulated with silicone, and not PVC, like in the case of some of the best multimeter for home use, for instance. On a plus, the probe handles are bigger for the first category, the probe tips are sharper and the mode dial gives a better feeling when turning it.

Apart from the safety aspect, there are many features you can live without. Even though they might seem pure aesthetic related, they actually have a say on the durability. Silicone doesn’t just look better than PVC, and best multimeter value is more durable thanks to its silicone body which doesn’t crack easily.

Final thought

Some brands are better than others, some give better bodies for the units, some give better functions. It’s also to always check the safety the unit brings and the features that count the most for you.

Top 5 best multimeter

When it comes to the Fluke 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter we don’t know what we like the most: it’s tough build, or it’s utility.

The Fluke 323 True-RMS is a digital clamp meter that measures AC current up to 400 amps, AC and DC voltage to 600 V and resistance to 4kilohms.

The RMS sensing meter gives precise reading no matter if you do linear or non-linear loads, no matter the wave form. The resistance measurement is up to

The jaw opening measures current in a conductor up to 30mm without breaking the circuit or even touching it.

The unit features an audible continuous sensor that confirms that the circuit conducts electricity.

The Fluke 323 makes a great choice for the general, grab and go trouble shooting jobs. The unit is tough tin tight cable compartments and the hold is the last reading.

The device has a brick build and a great, ergonomic design. It’s auto ranging and gives fast and accurate measurements. On a plus, the icons make it easy to use it even by the most unexperienced ones.

The unit meets IEC safety standards 61010-1 and it rated for CAT IV installations to 300V and CAT III installations to 600V.

Here are the most important pros:

  • The unit is for the general, daily basis trouble shooting needs
  • The Fluke 323 measures AC current, AC and DC voltage and resistance up to 4 kilohms
  • The Fluke 323 is easy to use not only because of its ergonomic design but also thanks to the useful icons
  • The unit is accurate and safe to use

On the other hand, there are some minor issues that count as cons:

  • The beep continuity testing is a bit faint and it’s difficult to hear by some
  • The leads are a bit weak and they don’t seat fully

Despite these minor flaws, the Fluke 323 is a great multimeter for the general troubleshooting that comes for a great price also.


If you are looking for one of the best multimeter budget out there, one of the best choices is the  Professional Grade 6000 Counts True RMS. The device is a multifunctional digital multimeter and covers all the functions that you might think of: 1000V AC DC 20A AC DC.

Professional Grade 6000 Counts True RMS 1000V AC DC 20A AC DC Multifunctional Digital Multimeter (RMS Multimeter)

The multimeter is a high caliber unit, versatile that is great to use by electricians, hobbyist, professionals. It’s the unit to have for household, industrial electrical troubleshooting and automotive.

The steady meter gives precise reading for voltage, resistance and foolproof current, along reliable continuity, transistor and diode testing.

The unit has overload protection and meets advanced thermal meter integrity and safety. It has reinforced corners for drop protections and it gives 3 readings per second precision sampling. You may use the unit to assemble, diagnose and also repair circuitry and wiring.

The LED signal intensity indicator makes the reading easy and efficient. The backlight makes the reading possible even in dim light, even though it’s not the wisest thing to do. The readout is clear and steady.

The unit has auto power off so you don’t have to worry about wasting the batteries.

The leads of the unit have protective covers which makes them longer lasting. The cables are also durable.

The unit is long lasting and has a heavy duty build. You may use it outdoor and indoor at the same time. The design is well thought out and the unit leaves a nice feel to the hand, giving a steady, easy grip.

On top of everything, the unit has a 30-day money back guarantee which makes it possible for you to return it in 30 days, no questions asked. Nevertheless, that’s very unlikely.

Here are the most important pros on our part:

  • The unit is extremely versatile and has so many functions
  • The design is ergonomic and the unit is easy to grab
  • The readout is clear and steady
  • The unit is durable and gives accurate readings

As for the parts we’re not that fond of, there are only some:

  • The unit uses AA batteries, and they are not everyone’s no.1 choice for batteries
  • Even though there is a manual online for the unit, the instruction for changing the fuses is not very clear

But, for the little money that you pay, the unit is a great, reliable, long lasting multimeter to get for so many uses.


For the analog multimeter fans that would rather use this type of multimeter and not a digital one (for various reasons), the Tekpower TP7244 7-Function 20-Range Analog Multimeter is a great unit to get.

The Tekpower TP72447 is ideal for small DC voltage and current measurement, DC current, resistance, continuity, decibel values/dB and diode test.

The unit is very accurate when it comes to low DC voltage and current measurements, to measure a DC voltage under 10 volts. You get four ranges to choose on this: 0.1V, 0.5V, 2.5V and 10V. As for DC current, you can measure current as low as a few micro amps using the 50 micro amp range with 3% accuracy.

The unit is operated by 2 AA batteries that last 10 hours of continuous use.

The Tekpower is easy to use and gives accurate readouts. The size of the unit is decent and there is enough heft to stay put and not slid around.

The unit comes in a protective case which is strong and reliable.

The internal lighted dial makes it easier for reading the measurements. The large display helps on that also.

The unit comes with a 1-year warranty and meets all standards for secure use.

Let’s pinpoint the pros:

  • The analog multimeter has many functions and gives accurate reading
  • The unit has a strong build and a good design
  • It comes in a protective, strong case
  • The unit is easy to use

As always, we also need to state the cons which aren’t many, nor deal breakers:

  • The sound on the unit is a bit difficult to hear
  • The batteries don’t provide the longest life span

All in all, the Tekpower TP 7244 sure makes a good, reliable and steady analog multimeter that gives accurate readouts.


The Craftsman 11-function Auto Range Digital Multi-meter manages to be a viable choice not only because of its price, but also because its utility and versatility.

The unit has a compact size which makes it easy to store, but its auto range ability that makes it a good multimeter.

The multimeter has type K temperature measurements and has advanced functions, including frequency and capacitance.

The unit comes with non-contact voltage detector and built-in flashlight for easier handling in dim light or at night.

Here are the most important functions of the multimeter: temperature test, AC voltage, DC voltage, AC current, DC current, resistance tests, capacitance tests, frequency.

The accuracy on the multimeter is 1,2% to 3%. The unit has a large display which makes it easy for the reading. The lead receptors are marked very clear for proper current connection. On a plus, the warning message is also very helpful.

The unit auto ranges pretty fast. The unit has a good, strong build and the stand the holds it upright is efficient.

The unit runs on 2 AAA batteries (included) and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Let’s pinpoint the pros:

  • The unit is pretty accurate
  • The unit auto ranges pretty fast
  • The unit is versatile and has many functions
  • The unit is easy to use and read

As for the parts that count as cons, there are only the following:

  • The unit needs around 30 seconds to settle down
  • The auto shut off turn after several minutes
  • The unit runs on AAA batteries

As it autoes ranges and gives accurate readings, the unit is a pretty good choice, at a fair price. And it comes with a 1-year warranty.


We know that we said that price pretty much says everything up when it comes to the quality of a multimeter, but the Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter is simply out there to prove us wrong.

The multimeter is small (probably one of the smallest multimeters out there) and is designed to give accurate readings on a great variety of automotive and household electrical troubleshoots.

The unit has various and numerous functions, as follow: DC voltage (200mV), AC voltage (200 V), DC current, resistance (200 Ω), diode test. The unit is powered by one 9 V battery, included.

There is overload protection on all ranges and sampling is 2/3 times readings per second.

The unit has data hold and back lit LCD with large digits for easier reading in dim light and at night.

The Etekcity MSR-R500 has a protective rubber sleeve for drop protection and a built-in support stand for hand free use.

The unit is easy to use and it’s useful to diagnose, assemble and repair circuitry and wiring. The manual use is handy for the beginners, though.

The low battery indicator, continuity buzzer and overload protection are also features that count.

Let’s sum it all up and state the most important pros:

  • The multimeter has many functions
  • The unit is easy to use and the display is large
  • The unit gives accurate readings
  • The Etekcity is a great choice for the beginners

Some parts need improvement, so here are our cons:

  • The flip stand is not very useful
  • The bottom is curved so the unit doesn’t stand on its own
  • The unit is a bit thick
  • You need to manually range the unit

All in all, for the money you pay, you get an amazing, reliable little unit that gives pretty accurate various readouts.


Best Inexpensive Multimeter 

Despite its rather low price, the Amprobe AM-510 Commercial/Residential Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage Detection is able to give you accurate readings, for quite some time.

The multimeter measures voltage up to 600V AC/DC, AC/DC current and resistance, frequency, capacitance, duty cycle and battery test.

The tool is full-featured and has non-contact voltage detection, audible continuity and diode test. The multimeter has a large backlit LED display which makes the reading easy, even in dim lit areas. The display has data hold and relative zero mode. The LCD display is also very crisp.

The multimeter has a good, steady grip and a long lasting enclosure. The enclosure is also rubberized and over molded.

The tool has good overload and blast protection and a flashlight function on top. The multimeter comes with a case which protects it when you put it in your tool box. The tool has a professional appearance and is very easy to read.

The inside circuits are very well isolated and the tool has a solid feel. When it comes to safety, the device is safety rated CAT III 600 V.

Let’s sum it all up and highlight the main pros:

  • The multimeter measures frequency, capacitance, duty cycle, battery test, AC/DC current and resistance and voltage up to 600 V AC/DC
  • The multimeter is easy to use and read
  • The multimeter gives accurate readings
  • The tool has a good grip and comes with a protective case

On the other hand, there are also some cons to mention:

  • The fold-out meter is not very rugged
  • The tool is a bit large
  • The auto-range is a tad slow

All in all, for the little money you pay, you get a reliable, accurate and versatile multimeter.


Best Pocket Multimeter 

Despite its small size, the Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter Pocket Portable Meter Equipment Industrial gives great accurate readouts for quite some time.

The multimeter has a basic DC accuracy 0.5% and runs on triple A batteries (two, already installed). The tool has diode and continuity test with buzzer. It’s small lightweight and easy to operate one-handed. It also has a rugged, durable design.

The automatic design is very efficient and helpful. The multimeter is easy to carry around and includes head. You don’t need to calibrate the multimeter as it has Auto-Range function. The multimeter gets to you with an owner’s manual but the tool is easy to use.

The readings are accurate and reliable. When it comes to safety, it’s useful to know the multimeter is CAT.III 600V safety rated.

Here are the main pros:

  • The multimeter gives accurate readings
  • The tool has a compact design and is small
  • The tool includes head
  • The auto-range function is efficient

When it comes to the parts we like less, there are only few to mention:

  • The multimeter is a bit slow on the continuity feature
  • The LCD has no backlight
  • There are no alligator clips

In the end, if you want portability, without losing the accuracy, the Fluke 101 is a sure buy.


Best Multimeter for Beginners/For Novice 

When you’re new at using a multimeter, you need a tool that is not only easy to read, but is also is easy to use and is quite intuitive. Let’s not to mention the accuracy, as it’s the most important one on any multimeter, no matter how experienced or new you are.

The Uxcell® TRMS Digital Multimeter offers precise readings when it comes to voltage, ranging, current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature and also has a w/USB interface. The auto ranging feature is very helpful, especially for a beginner.

The multimeter is highly versatile as it finds its use in a home, for an electrician and it’s a great choice for the electronic projects.

The tool is a true RMS digital multimeter and has a large, easy to read digital display with 6000Counts for better precision.

The multimeter has also a manual ranging and features a handy relative measurement function. The tool comes with relative measurement function, max/min display, data hold function. The backlight is very helpful the auto-power makes the tool turn off after 15 minutes.

The Uxcell TRMS features an overload indication and the protective rubber corner keeps safe the multimeter in case of dropping.

The user manual that comes along it very helpful.

All connections click into place firmly and the tool has a great build. The tool is versatile and all the switches are easily made.

The package contains not only the multimeter, but also 2 test cable, 1 multi-function socket, 1 probe, a CD and a USB cable. The instruction is in English and the tool comes with its own 4 x1.5V AA batteries.

Let’s pinpoint the most important pros:

  • The tool is versatile and very well made
  • The multimeter gives accurate readings on voltage, ranging current, resistance, frequency, capacitance, temperature
  • The tool has auto-range feature
  • It’s very easy to read and use the multimeter

On the other hand, there are some parts we’re not very fond of:

  • The multimeter doesn’t come with non-contact voltage detects
  • Some have experienced the USB not to be recognized by the software computer

All in all, as it’s easy to read and user friendly, the tool is great to start with.

Best Industrial Multimeter 

The Fluke 83-5 Industrial Digital Multimeter is a reliable tool for industrial use as it’s not only versatile, but also rugged and durable. The multimeter gives accurate readings on AC/DC voltage, current, frequency, resistance, capacitance and also operates continuity and diode tests.

The RMS-indicating meter gives precise readouts for linear loads as induction motors, resistive heaters and incandescent lights. The multimeter comes also with min/max average recording with min/max alert to get variations automatically.

The Fluke 83-5 features an analog bar graph for quick changing or unstable signals and has a safety rating of category III to 1,000 V and category IV to 600V. The tool may take accidental volt spike in excess of 8,000V to minimize risks of spikes and surges determined by load switching and faults in industrial circuits.

The tool has both auto and manual ranging for maximum flexibility and measures up to 10A, 20A for up to 30 seconds.

The multimeter has 6,000-count resolution and a 3-3/4 digital display that is backlit for easier reading even in dimly lit areas.

The Fluke 83-5 comes with a 9V battery that has a long life and the selectable sleep mode maximizes the battery life.

The removable holster with built-in test lead and probe storage are also features that count a lot.

Let’s summarize it and pinpoint the main pros:

  • The multimeter gives precise readouts on frequency, resistance, capacitance, diode test, AC/DC voltage
  • The tool has manual and auto range
  • The tool has a safety rating of category III to 1,000V and category IV to 600V
  • The multimeter has 6,000 count resolution

The main con on the multimeter is that it comes with no instructions and you need some in order to use it.

Apart from this, the multimeter is reliable and accurate for any industrial use.


Best Mastech Multimeter 

When it comes to Mastech, there are many models of multimeter that are popular as they are low priced and offer good performance. The Mastech MS5208 6600 Counts Digital Multimeter Insulation Resistance makes no difference and is a True Meter RMS that gives accurate readings on AC voltage current but has also a temperature tester.

The multimeter gives 6600 large counts and has an easy to read large LCD display. The tool is also easy to use. The shape is great and the design is ergonomic. The multimeter has a good grip and a comfortable feel to the hand.

The tool has an auto range, but also a manual range, which makes it efficient and practical.

The multimeter provides linear frequency measures for AC voltage and AC current. It has 1kHz low pass filter functions and the insulation measurement is for 0.01 M ohms to 2G ohms. As for the insulation test voltage, it goes for 50V/ 100V/ 250V/500V/1000V.

The tool calculates instantly PI (polarization index) and DAR (dielectric absorption ratio). We don’t have to forget about the temperature measurement that goes from -30 centigrade to 1300 centigrade/-22 F degrees to 2372 F degrees.

And, if we take a last look to the technical info, we see a data logging up to 100 groups for the multimeter.

Let’s highlight the main pros:

  • The tool has 6600 counts and an easy to read large LCD display
  • The tool has an ergonomic design and a comfortable grip
  • The multimeter gives linear frequency measures for AC voltage and AC current
  • The price is great for the quality you get

Unfortunately, the multimeter comes with no battery and this is the main downside.

Reliable and accurate, the Mastech multimeter is a dependable tool to get.


Best Mini Multimeter 

When you get yourself a mini multimeter, it doesn’t mean you need to lower your standards on it comes to the accuracy or overall performance of the tool. The Fluke 106 Handheld Digital Mini Multimeter is not only highly and easily portable due to its small size, but it’s also easy to read and use as it comes with a large, easy to read display.

The multimeter gives accurate readings in voltage, resistance, continuity and capacitance. It has an input terminal for AC and DC current measurements to 10A and current. The input protection is very safe.

The multimeter also has data hold function. The tool gives accurate readings and is reliable. The readouts are also quite fast. The multimeter lets you know it’s done through a beep that is audible and the volume is fixed.

The multimeter is lightweight and rather small. Despite the small size though, the build is solid and reliable.

Along with the multimeter, you get 2 AAA batteries (installed), hard point test lead set and a user’s manual.

Let’s highlight the important pros:

  • The multimeter is small, yet with a large, easy to read display
  • The multimeter is lightweight and highly portable
  • The multimeter gives accurate readings
  • The multimeter measures voltage, continuity, capacitance and resistance.

On the other hand, there are some minor issues we need to talk about:

  • The multimeter comes with no back light which makes it difficult to use in dimly lit areas
  • The durability of the tool doesn’t leave a reliable feeling

Despite these cons, the multimeter is still a good, reliable small tool to get.


Best Multimeter for Electrical Engineer 

There are many things we like about the next multimeter, but its utility for any electrical engineer might be the main asset. The Fluke Fluke-174 True Rms Multimeter gives AC and DC voltage measurements to 1000V and AC and DC current with 0.01 mA resolution.

The multimeter gives accurate readings on continuity, resistance, diode test, capacitance and frequency. The tool has min/max recording and a safety rating of Cat. III 1000V and cat, IV 600V.

The tool is able to get up to 65,000 sets of Min/max/AVG readings. The “sleep mode’” features ensures a longer life span for the batteries when not in use.

As for the fuse protection, there are no worries there thanks to the A inputs 0.44 A, 1000V fats fuse.

The multimeter has an ergonomic design and comes with several functions. It has a backlight, which makes it useful in poorly lit spaces also. The smooth rotary switch, the ultra-fast bar graph are also good points. It’s very easy to access the modes and the auto-hold function is practical.

The multimeter can take few drops as it’s rugged and durable. The large display makes it easy to read also.

Here are the main pros:

  • The multimeter gives accurate readouts on AC/DC voltage, continuity, resistance, diode test, capacitance and frequency
  • The tool has an ergonomic design
  • There are many functions that are also very easy to use
  • The tool is easy to use and is fast

As for the parts we like less, here they are:

  • The tool has a slight chunky feeling
  • The ESFP (English/Spanish/French/Portuguese) acronym is a bit confusing…
  • The tool comes with no strap

But, as it’s reliable, versatile and functional on so many levels, the tool is any electrical engineer might want to have.


Best Multimeter for Mechanics

The Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter is a reliable tool that anyone should have for all kinds of uses around the house, but mechanics could use it just as well due to its qualities and functions.

The true-RMS multimeter gives precise readouts on non-linear loads, in very short amount of time. The tool is category III safety rated 600 V and lets you measure continuity, frequency, capacitance and diode test. It also measures 20A (30 seconds momentary, 10A continuous). The multimeter ensures min/max/average measurements record signal fluctuations and has a large digital display.

The tool is not only easy to use, but also very easy to read thanks to its large display. You can also work with it in dimly lit areas as the tool has a bright backlight on the display.

The multimeter has an ergonomic design and a great shape that gives a good feel to the hand. The grip is good and the tool fits any palm.

The gauge bar is smooth and the multimeter has lead holders on the backside for easier storage.

The use is very intuitive and the readings are not only accurate, but also fast.

The multimeter comes with a holster, a 9-volt battery and a 4mm silicone test lead set. You also get a 3-year warranty for the tool.

Here are our most appreciated pros:

  • The multimeter gives fast, accurate readings on resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance
  • The tool has an ergonomic design and a good grip
  • The multimeter has a bright backlight on the large display that is easy to read
  • The use of the tool is easy and quite intuitive

When it comes to the parts we don’t like that much, here they are:

  • The rotary knob doesn’t leave a durable feeling
  • The tool doesn’t come with a case and that would have been practical

All in all, you get a dependable compact multimeter that is versatile and useful on mechanical jobs just as well.

Best General Purpose Multimeter

For your general jobs around the house/workshop, a versatile and accurate multimeter is the Fluke 87-V Digital Multimeter. The tool is not only ready to perform in various situations, but it also comes with a protective polyester soft carrying case that gives great portability to the tool. 

The tool has auto and manual ranging for better flexibility and many other useful features. Let’s start with the analog bar graph that is efficient for fast changing or unstable signals or the top that opens laterally so that you can use the test tools without removing it from the case.

The Fluke 87-V measures up to 10A, 20A for up to 30 seconds and also features a selectable filter for precise voltage.

On a closer look, we also see input alert which gives audible warning against wrong use of input Jacks but also 2 stage backlight, so that you can setup the right amount of light when in need. The tool is highly responsive and the large display screen is easy to read.

The tool uses high quality ceramic fuses and the multimeter has a rugged built.

Other useful features include the magnetic clip, the bead probe and the temperature mode.

As for the polyester carrying case we mention that is designed for a wide range of Fluke handheld test tools and their accessories. The top opens laterally so that you can use the test tools without taking them out of the case. The case is secure and protective as it features also Velcro straps.

Let’s highlight the main pros:

  • The tool is versatile and gives accurate readings also on temperature
  • The tool comes in a protective, well thought out carrying case
  • The multimeter is highly responsive and precise
  • The tool is category IV safety rated

As for the parts that count as cons, here they are:

  • The test leads need to be of better quality
  • The display could also be better
  • When it’s too cold, the tool doesn’t perform accurate anymore

But, for all the jobs you need to do, the multimeter is a reliable tool to get.


Best Klein Multimeter

Even though it’s a bit misleading, the Klein Tools are actually made in our USA which makes them already a nice option to consider. There are many models of multimeter out there but the one who caught our eye is the Klein Tools MM6000 Electrician’s / HVAC TRMS Multimeter as it’s not only accurate, but also versatile and dependable.

The Klein Took MM6000 is an American-made true RMS multimeter that measures AC/DC voltage (1000V), AC/DC current (10A) and resistance. The tool gives precise readouts on capacitance, frequency, duty cycle and temperature. The details show us also data hold, auto hold, range hold, relative reading, Max/Min and micro amps just as well. The multimeter has also a setting for checking flame sensors. In case of fast moving readings, the analog bar graph is reliable and efficient.

The temperature range is 581832 degrees F. the tool has lead warning, low battery indicator and auto power-off for longer life on the batteries.

The multimeter gives 6000 counts on a backlit display and lead storage. The fuse and battery compartment are easy to access.

We also have to mention that the multimeter has a rugged build that can take 10ft. drop. Its double insulated and raised rubber molding boot protects better the display.

The tool has a cat. IV DC safety rating and comes with test leads, thermocouple, carrying case and threaded alligator clips.

Let’s pinpoint the big pros:

  • The tool gives accurate readings on AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, frequency, duty cycle, temperature, capacitance, resistance
  • The tool is made in our USA
  • The tool comes with many details and useful features
  • The multimeter comes with a carrying case

As much as we like the tool for its qualities, there are some small issues we need to remind:

  • The temperature readings are not very accurate
  • Some functions are difficult to access

But, whenever you feel you want something USA made around your house, the Klein Tools MM6000 is a reliable tool to have.


Best Multimeter Analog

The moment you decided you want an analog multimeter, you need to realize that you have to pay extra for the longer life span that an analog multimeter has. So, when you want to try something like the Simpson 260-8 / 12388, Black Analog Multimeter, there’s only one bad things to consider: you won’t be going for shopping for another multimeter any time soon!

The multimeter is made in our USA and gives, at the same time, an accuracy for the lab but a rugged construction that can take few drops, for quite some years.

The tool is great for adjustments like nulling and peaking and the large color code scale makes it easy to use. The AC frequency response is to 100kHz Zero RFI and the tool features standard and high energy overload fusing.

When we get a closer look, we see Varistor protected meter movement and a good range of accessories and probes. The tool has also overload protection relay circuits.

The multimeter comes with test leads, alligator clips, manual, batteries (two 9-V batteries), fuses and a spare 1A fuse.

Here are our pros:

  • The tool is made in our USA
  • The tool runs smooth and gives accurate readings
  • The multimeter has a rugged build and is extremely durable
  • It comes with test leads, alligator clips and various features

As for the cons, some think the multimeter performs better on semiconductors.

From our point of view, though, the Simpson 260-8/12 388 is a reliable, long lasting analog multimeter, no matter the price and its barely existent minor issues.


Best Multimeter Clamp

If you are on a hunt for a good, reliable and long lasting clamp multimeter, the Fluke 376 True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter with iFlex sure makes an obvious choice.

The multimeter features a large, easy to read backlight display that automatically sets the right measurement range so you no longer need to switch positions while measuring.

The true RMS multimeter gives precise readouts on AC/DC voltage and current on non-linear signals also. the state of the art signal processing lets you use the tool in loud electrical environments also, giving accurate readouts.

The iFlex feature means there is flexible current probe that expands the measurement range to 2500A AC. The safety rating is category IV 600 V and category III 1000V.

We also need to say something on the min/max/average and inrush recording that get variations automatically.

The tool has an ergonomic design and features low integrated low pass filter. It comes with alligator clips and test probes. It’s sensitive and gives accurate readings all the time.

The most important pros are the following:

  • The tool gives accurate readouts on AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, continuity
  • The tool comes in a soft carrying case which makes I portable
  • The display is large, easy to read and had bright backlight
  • The tool has the iFlex feature that expands measurement range to 2500A Ac

As for the cons, here they are also:

  • The tool doesn’t measure capacitance
  • Some feel the tool to be a bit beefy

But, for a clamp multimeter, the Fluke 376 is sure a reliable tool you can get anytime.

Best German Multimeter

If you are determined to think that when it comes to accuracy, there’s no one who knows better the job than a German…well, you’re right. Maybe the Swiss can compete with that, but when you get a multimeter from a German brand you know for sure that precision is not going to be an issue. We chose to present the Gossen Metrawatt M206A TRMS Digital Multimeter that is not only accurate, but also features an analog bar graph.

The 6000 digits for the resolution of the display tells us the multimeter is easy to read. The tool gives accurate readouts on voltage, current, resistance, temperature, frequency, duty cycle, capacitance. You can also use it to accurately measure continuity and RPM, and you can try also continuity and diode testing.

The tool is efficient for Min/Max measured value storage and data hold just as well.

The multimeter comes with Dakks calibration certificate and has safety ratings the Category IV 600 V and Category II 1000V.

The tool comes with automatic blocking sockets. The multimeter features also automatic/manual measuring range selection. It displays the negative values at the Analog scale and storages measured values.

You can use the multimeter in all kinds of areas of electrical engineering, no matter in what country you live in.

The tool has a durable build and is easy to use.

Here are the most important pros:

  • The multimeter gives accurate readings on voltage, resistance, temperature, current
  • It comes with many features automatic: frequency, duty cycle measurement
  • The tool has auto/manual range selection
  • The tool is versatile and reliable

When it comes to the cons, there’s only one big fat to mention: it’s not made in USA  [Symbol]

Joke aside, the multimeter gives precise readings and is highly versatile and reliable.

Best Graphic Multimeter

The advantages that a graphic multimeter brings are many, but the most valuable one is the display for each measurement function. The same principle applies to the AEMC MTX 3292 Digital Multimeter, ASYC IV, TRMS, 100,000-cts, USB, Color Graphic Display that has multi-parameter display on 70×52 mm backlit color screen.

The AEMC MTX 3292 includes multiple analytical tools: time/date-stamped surveillance, peak +/- and storage of almost 1,000 values. You get accurate measures on duty cycle, pulse counting, math function and monitoring of Min/Max/AVG/Peaks to get an idea of many aspects of electrical quantities.

The tool has an ergonomic design with IP67 leak proof casing and 1,000V Cat III/ 600V CAT IV safety measurement terminals. The multimeter is powered by standard battery or Ni-MH rechargeable battery. You don’t have to worry about how to change the batteries thanks to the explanatory of the battery charge on screen.

You can use multiple quantities to measure around the main function, but there is also relative measurement, mathematical function and direct current measurements with a clamp.

The multimeter gives you the chance to use USB or Bluetooth communication through the SX-DMM software that comes along with the tool.

The multimeter is easy to use and easy to handle thanks to the good, steady grip. The build is rugged and the tool is reliable for the heavy duty jobs.

The interactive zoom function on the recordings and the internal storage of measurement 10 sequences are also important features. We also have to mention the contextual reminder of the connections and the IP67 protection against water projections and dust. This kind of protection makes the tool great for outdoor use.

The batteries run for a long time (around 100hrs) and they are rechargeable. The battery charge level is efficient on this part. And, you can still use the tool when charging.

The USB communication is useful for transferring data to a PC, for recording and programming with the LV/LW drivers.

Let’s pinpoint the main pros:

  • The tool has graphics for all kinds of functions
  • The tool is operated by rechargeable Ni-MH batteries
  • The tool has a good grip
  • The readings are accurate

When it comes to the cons, we only mention the price, which is not on the low side for sure.

Reliable and versatile, the tool presents many useful functions and features.


Best Japanese Multimeter

There are many Japanese manufacturers on the market when it comes to multimeters, but the Hioki IR4056-20 Multimeter Insulation Electrical Test Equipment is a great option due to its many features and accuracy readings.

The tool has 5-range testing voltage 50V/100 MO to 1000 V/4000 MO and gives precise stable and medium-speed digital readings. It has a response time at pass/fail decision 0.8 second and continuity check via 200mA testing.

The tool has built in AC/DC voltage meter, useful for testing solar power generation systems and electric vehicles.

The multimeter has an easy to read digital display, auto discharge, livewire warning and a safety system for high voltage measurement. It comes with test probe and sliding cover for easier storage.

The tool can take few drops from 3 ft. and is reliable also in dimly lit spaces as it has a bright LED and luminous LCD. The test lead features also bright LED lamp to illuminate near hand.

The multimeter is powered by 4 CR6 batteries and also has bar-graph indicator. The multimeter can take up to 1000 measurements.

Let’s pinpoint the pros:

  • The multimeter is a 5-range testing voltage
  • The tool has bright LED luminous LCD
  • The tool is durable and can take few drops
  • There are many useful features: continuity check, bar-graph indicator, automatic DC/AC detection, live circuit indicator and so on

As for the cons, we only need to mention the limits of the tool when it comes to versatility.

As it’s reliable and accurate, the tool is already a good option for specific jobs.

Best LCR Multimeter

Anyone who wants a LCR multimeter knows that is going to be able to measure inductance, capacitance and resistance on any electrical device. The Saver CEM DT-9935 Multimeter 11000 Counts LCR Pressional Digital Tester gives good and accurate readings and no less than 11000 counts.

The multimeter gives precise readings not only on capacitance, resistance, inductance, but also on dissipation and theta. You can also use it to measure quality factor, phase angle, equivalent resistance, DC resistance under series connection and parallel connection testing mode.  The dual LCD digital display is easy to read.

The maximum output testing frequency can reach 100kHZ. The tool is powered on 6 AA batteries (1.5V) and comes also with two test leads. It comes also with a carrying case which makes it highly portable.

You don’t need to worry about getting clear on how to use the tool as it comes with a usage manual.

Here are the main pros:

  • The tool gives 11000 counts LCR
  • You can measure accurately quality factor, phase angle, dissipation, equivalent resistance, DC resistance
  • The tool comes also with two test leads and 1 carrying case
  • The multimeter has a dual LCD digital display

When it comes to the cons, we need to mention the following:

  • The auto power off button has some difficulties on working at times
  • The tweezers that come along don’t calibrate right

All in all, if you want a specific LCR multimeter, the CEM DT-9935 is a sure buy.


Best Multimeter for Low Voltage 

When your necessities require a low voltage detector, you can trust a multimeter as the Mastech MS8211 Digital LCD Multimeter Pen-type Non-contact 600V DC AC Voltage Detector. The multimeter features useful auto-ranging and comes also with a test clip and a carrying bag. 

The multimeter gives you also the chance to set up the range manually. The Auto power off is great for expanding the battery life whereas the low battery indicator informs you on the level of the battery.

The tool comes with adjustable sensitivity for detecting AC voltage of special frequency. The tip is retractable so you can store it safer when not in use.

The multimeter gives accurate readouts on AC/DC voltage, resistance, diode, continuity test, but it also includes a non-contact AC voltage detection. The non-contact AC voltage detection has sound and flash alarm for easier use. The maximum detection distance is as far as 6 in, depending on the adjustable sensitivity.

The multimeter has an LCD display that is rather easy to read. There is automatic indication of the functions and units. The tool has dual insulation protection and has an over-molding rubber case. The tool is shake resistant, skid-proof and leaves a good feel to the hand.

The tool comes in a protective cloth bag so you can safely carry it around. You also get one test lead, one test wire and test clip.

The instruction manual that comes along is quite helpful just as well.

Here are the most important pros:


  • The multimeter gives accurate readings on AC/DC voltage, resistance, diode, continuity test 
  • The tool includes also a non-contact AC voltage detection
  • The tool comes with 1 test lead, one test wire and test clip
  • The tool is nice to handle


There’s our list of cons also:

  • The instruction manual could be more explanatory
  • The tool is quite small

All in all, for the low voltage measurements, the multimeter is a sure buy.


Best DIY multimeter

In order to get successful DIY projects, you need good, reliable tools. And, when you want to check those tools (and fixing it would be also great!), you would like a reliable multimeter. The Amprobe 30XR-A Prof DMM with Non-Contact Volt Tester is not only accurate in its measurements, but also dependable and versatile.

The multimeter gives precise readings in capacitance, inductance, frequency (up to 40mHz), voltage, AC/DC current. It includes a non-contact voltage tester to 600V AC and comes with fully safety fuses.

The continuity beeper lets you know when the tool has found some problems. The multimeter presents other features also: min/max function, average, relative, peak and data hold just as well.

The auto power off means longer life of the 9 V battery that comes along. The tool has a separate door for easy battery and fuse access.

The tool has also auto ranging. The 4-3/4-digit LCD with 10,000 counts means the tool is easy to read. We also need to mention the 41-segment analog bar graph. The backlight for the display makes the reading in poorly lit spaces easy.

The multimeter has an operating temperature from 0 C degree to 45 C degrees.

The tool comes with a magnetic strap holster, 2 alligator clips, one set of leads and useful instructions. The case is solid and the tool has a good grip.

Let’s highlight the main pros:

  • The multimeter gives accurate readouts on current, voltage, capacitance, inductance, frequency
  • The multimeter comes with a magnetic strap holster
  • The tool is versatile
  • The price is great for the quality you get

As for the cons, there are only some:

  • The continuity check runs a bit slow
  • The selector switch seems a bit flimsy.

All in all, whenever in need for a DIY multimeter the Amprobe 30XR is one option to consider.


Best Multimeter for Laptop Repair

Even though your laptop is reliable and you have never had any bad experiences with it, sometimes you just need to check it…” Better safe than sorry, right?” The Fluke 113 True-RMS Utility Multimeter is a digital multimeter that measures AC/DC voltage, resistance and capacitance and performs continuity and diode tests.

The true RMS meter gives precise readouts when measuring linear or non-linear loads where the current or voltage presents sinusoidal or non-sinusoidal waveform. The technical info tells us the tool measures resistance to 60 kilo ohms and capacitance to 9,999 microfarads. The tool includes a diode check for testing general-purpose germanium, silicon and power diodes. A continuity beeper ensures audible detection of resistance by turning on at less than 25 ohms and off at 250 ohms.

The multimeter checks voltage and continuity at the same time and comes with both manual and auto-ranging modes for better flexibility on your part. The Max/Min function notes signal fluctuations whereas a hold function freezes precise readings on the display.

The digital display features 6000-count resolution and is 3-1/2 digit which makes it easy to read. The backlight on the display is efficient when working in the poorly lit areas.

The safety rating of the multimeter is Category II to 600V and Category IV to 300V. The tool is powered by a 9V battery (already installed) that runs for around 300 hours when not using the backlight. The sleep mode expands the life span of the battery.

The multimeter comes with a holster with built-in probe holders for easier storage and also test leads.

Here are the main pros:

  • The multimeter gives accurate readings on AC/DC voltage, capacitance, circuit continuity
  • The tool has auto and manual ranging
  • The auto power off expands the life span of the 9V battery
  • The multimeter comes with a holster with built-in probe holders and test leads

As for the cons, here they are:

  • The multimeter is not an Amp meter
  • You need some guidance when using it for the first time on your laptop

But, no matter how experienced or not you are when trying to detect the electrical problems on your laptop, the Fluke 113 is a tool to rely on.


Best Multimeter Oscilloscope 

For those who want not only a multimeter, but also an oscilloscope, without losing the accuracy for any of the functions, the Owon HDS1022M-N Series HDS-N Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope and Digital Multimeter is a great choice. The multimeter oscilloscope comes with the following technical info: 20MHz, 2 Channels, 100MS/s Sample Rate.

The handheld unit includes a 20mHz, two-channel digital oscilloscope to view the electrical signals and a digital multimeter for measuring voltage, current, resistance and capacitance.

The maximum real-time sample rate is 100Ms/ s and the record length is 6,000 points per channel for receiving detailed waveforms. The oscilloscope has four math functions (add, subtract, multiply and divide) and FFT (fast Fourier transform) and 20 automatic measurements like period, frequency and peak-to-peak that let you do in-depth analysis of waveforms. The internal memory can store up to four waveforms.

You can use the oscilloscope for product design, assembly lines, repair and servicing, electrical engineering education and so on.

The multimeter has both manual and auto-ranging and gives several options for your control. The delta relative function helps you establish a measurement as a reference value and shows subsequent measurements as a positive or negative deviation from that value. The data-gold function stays on reading on the display to help documentation.

The tool comes with a continuity buzzer that confirms that the circuit conducts electricity, whereas a diode checks finds whether the circuit’s diodes are working accordingly.

The TFT-LCD color 3.7” is efficient for viewing waveforms and measurements.

The device is powered by rechargeable Li-Io battery or and AC adapter (both included). The USB host port and connection are useful for storing data on a flash drive, whereas a USB device port and an RS-232 port may be used for transferring data to a PC.

The tool meets the safety standard and is CAT II rated for installations to 400V.

You actually get two oscilloscope voltage probes, a set of test leads, an extension module for small capacitance measurement, a rechargeable Li-Io battery, a battery charger/AC adapter for 100 to 240V, instructions.

The package includes also a USB mass storage connection cable, a USB-RS-232 interface cable, CD-ROM PC software and output terminal for testing of 1kHz/5V square-wave signal.

Here are the main pros:

  • The oscilloscope has great utility
  • The multimeter is accurate and fast
  • There are many extra features and plenty of functions
  • There is also setting on the brightness of the display

The main con when it comes to the tool is that you need some time to learn all its functions and to get the full understanding of everything it brings to the table.

But, if you want a multimeter that comes with an oscilloscope, the tool is one reliable purchase to make.


Best Multimeter Under 25

Even though you might be tight on a budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good, reliable and pretty accurate multimeter. The Mastech MS8268 MS8261 Series Digital AC/DC Auto/Manual Range Digital Multimeter is the proof you can get a multimeter that is doing its job, in a quite impressive way considering its price.

The multimeter comes with the following technical info: AC/DC, 1000V/10a, 200 kHz, 200Uf, 40 M ohm and relative measurement of diode check continuity.

There are many useful features on the multimeter that count a lot. For instance, the tool comes with LED/sound warning if you’re using the wrong banana jacks.

Another efficient feature is the auto and manual ranging with relative measurement (all ranges except frequency). All range fused are resettable.

For a longer life on your batteries, the multimeter has an auto power off that you can also disable. The LCD display is backlit, large, crisp and is easy to read.

The multimeter doesn’t have a cheap feeling and there are no rattling internal parts. The tool is lightweight, with ergonomic design. The grip is good and steady.

The continuity test response is pretty short and the accuracy it good on the readings.

The multimeter is powered by three AAA batteries and there is a separate compartment for battery and fuse so you don’t need to dismantle the whole tool. You can also change battery without opening the whole meter or remove the rubber boot.

The multimeter comes with a manual and test leads just as well.

Let’s pinpoint the main pros:

  • The multimeter gives accurate readings
  • The tool has a wide set of ranges
  • The multimeter has a rugged, not cheap build
  • The multimeter has many useful features: auto power shut off, display data refresh, backlit LCD display

As for the cons, here’s the list:

  • The beep sound is not loud
  • The rubber boot is a bit thin
  • The auto ranging runs slow

All in all, for the money you pay, the tool is quite reliable and gives surprising accuracy and reliability.


Best Multimeter Under 30

The INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter is a dependable tool that is versatile and precise, finding its uses not only around the house, but also in an automotive shop.

The multimeter comes with auto-ranging scales so you don’t need to dial in the right range when conducting an electronic measurement. The single-setting resistance function for AC and DC voltage is practical. We also need to mention the 10MegOhm input that is safe for automotive and household uses.

The tool comes with a large, easy to read digital display and the color coded Led keep you informed when you need to check the battery level. And now that we’re here, the multimeter is powered by two AA batteries.

You don’t have to stress too much when it comes to protecting the tool, as it can take few drops thanks to the protective rubber corner guards.

The multimeter comes with attachable test leads, holders and stand for hands free use. It uses standard banana plugs.

Let’s highlight the main pros:

  • The multimeter has auto-ranging
  • The readings are accurate
  • The tool has rubber corner guards that protect it when dropped
  • The multimeter has an easy to read display and it’s easy to use altogether

As for the cons, here’s our list:

  • There is no battery door
  • The leads have a cheap feeling
  • The continuity test is a tad slow

But, the multimeter gives accurate readouts and is quite reliable for home and automotive use at the same time.


Best Multimeter under 40

Sometimes you can not only get a multimeter for a low price, but an actual kit that comes with more than 1 item to help you around the house. The KLEIN TOOLS 69149 Electrical Test Kit contains a manual ranging multimeter (MM100), a non-contact voltage tester (NCVT-1) and a receptacle tester (RT100).

The NCVT-1 detects instantly standard voltage in cables, cords, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, switches, outlets and wires. The RT 100 is efficient for identifying most common wiring issues in standard receptacles. The MM100 Meter has a rugged build with a rubber boot that protects it in case of dropping and comes with data hold feature that saves measurement for later viewing.

You can use the multimeter to accurately measure AC/DC voltage, DC current and resistance. The safety rating of the multimeter is CAT II 600 V, class 2, double insulation.

The NCVT-1 has a bright green LED that shows you when the tester is working. The LED turns red when voltage is detected. The warning tones come along with the red light. The digitally controlled on/off power button and the auto power-off feature gives the batteries longer life.

The receptacle tester is useful for determine wiring configurations and it shows you right wiring, open ground, open hot, open neutral, hot/ground reversed. It doesn’t tell you anything on the quality of the ground, multiple hot wires or other variations of defects. It features also visual and audible continuity indicators up to 25 Ω.

The multimeter has a nice design and is easy to use. All the included tools are well made and pretty reliable.

Here are the main pros:

  • The multimeter gives precise readouts on AC/DC voltage, DC current, resistance
  • The NCVT-1 identifies standard voltage in cords, cables, circuit breakers and so on
  • The RT 100 is great for identifying wiring issues in standard receptacles
  • All the tools are well made and have a rugged build

When it comes to the cons, there are only a few:

  • The tools are not for the commercial use
  • It’s quite challenging to find new fuses

All in all, for the home use, the kit is pretty reliable and efficient for quite some time.

Best Multimeter under 150

There are many multimeters out there that don’t go over $150, but what makes the next model special is its ability to get connected to your mobile. The Redfish Instruments iDVM 510 iOS & Android Enabled Wireless Multimeter and Data Logger gives electrical measurements and data logging via free mobile app. You can save and share electrical measurements through a mobile device.

The multimeter has 6000 count (3 ¾ digit) resolution and is a great option for any engineer, technician, electrician. But, the low price makes is a good choice for DOY and home users just as well.

The multimeter uses patented wireless technology and lets you visualize your data up to 100ft. away on your iOS or Android mobile device. You can log unattended up to 20,000 data points thanks to the on-meter memory.

The multimeter has a CATII 1000V safety rating and CAT IV 600 V. it’s powered by a long-lasting 9V battery. The low battery indicator tells you when it’s time to power up.

Along with the multimeter you get test probes, K-type thermocouple, magnetic hanging strap.

The tool gives you the opportunity to see your data in several ways: numeric read out, analog “needle” meter, VU etc. And, when you’re done with the measurements, you can share it via email, web server or in the cloud.

Let’s highlight the main pros:

  • The multimeter gives accurate readings
  • It’s powered by a durable 9V battery
  • You can share the data via email, web server or in the cloud
  • The multimeter has 6000 count resolutions and it’s great for any professional or home user just as well

As for the parts we like less, we can only mention that you need to be a bit open mind on this device. Once you get your head around the idea you can use your phone for accurate measurements…you’re all set for this type of multimeter.


Best Multimeter under 200

The minute you decide to spend a buck more on your multimeter, you know you get a more performant, more durable tool. The Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter sure matches this description and features true-RMS for precise measurement on non-linear loads. This important feature makes it great for commercial purposes that need specific settings.

The multimeter has a good build and is easy to use. It measures 10A (20 A overloads for 30 seconds), resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance. It’s also very easy to read thanks to its LED screen with white back light. So you can use the multimeter also in poorly lit spaces.

The tool has an ergonomic design and a compact shape which makes it comfortable for one-handed operation. The grip is good and reliable.

The multimeter features Volt alert technology for non-contact voltage detection and Auto Volt automatic AC/DC voltage selection. The tool has Min/Max/Average to record signal fluctuations and is compatible with optional magnetic hanger (Tool Pak) for hands free operation.

The LOz feature makes sure the multimeter doesn’t give inaccurate readings caused by the ghost voltage.

The multimeter is CATIII 600 V safety rated and comes with test leads, protective holster and one 9V battery.

Let’s highlight the main pros:

  • The multimeter gives precise readouts on resistance, continuity, frequency, capacitance and 10A
  • The multimeter is good for any electrician
  • The LED screen is efficient and easy to read
  • The multimeter has a compact shape and is rather small

As for the parts we would like to improve, here they are:

  • The holster doesn’t have a durable feeling
  • The display could use better contrast

All in all, the multimeter gives accurate readings and is an efficient tool for any electrician or any other electrical engineer.


Best Multimeter under 300

For the new technology fans, the Fluke FLK-3000 FC Wireless Digital Multimeter is the tool to get as it doesn’t just give accurate measurements, but it also connects to multiple wireless tools.

The wireless digital multimeter is efficient for measuring AC and DC voltage, current, continuity, resistance, diode test, capacitance and frequency.

The tool communicates with the new Fluke Connect mobile app on your Android or iOS smart device so that you can share live measurement, monitor readings from safe distances.

The multimeter functions as the mobile hub and shows readings from almost three module tools at the same time, from up to 20 meters away. The tool gives you the freedom to build up your own wireless test tool system in various situations. The Fluke 3000FC wireless Test Tools are working all together.

You can simply connect any of the Fluke Connect modules to your test point and then observe the results on specific Fluke Connect hardware or through Windows software on your PC at 65.6 feet way. The tool may communicate with your iOS, Android and the new technology lets you connect the phone, PC and Fluke Connect altogether. In the end, you can save all data on your PC, for instance.

The multimeter is fast responding and comes with magnet hanging straps, clamps and cables. The cables are long and the tips are changeable. The multimeter has good range and is fast.

Let’s highlight the most important pros:

  • The multimeter is wireless and able to connect with other wireless devices
  • You don’t need to travel as much as it’s able to read up to 65.6 ft. away
  • The multimeter is accurate and fast
  • It comes with cables, straps and clamps

As for the parts we’re not very fond of, here are the main ones:

  • The tool is not for high current
  • The multimeter doesn’t come with a manual and you need some time to learn how to use it

But, as technology takes us further with every day, the tool is the multimeter of today and takes advantage of all the wireless technology.