Best Corded Hammer Drill in 2019

Corded Hammer Drill reviewsHammer drills have become unique power tools. They are known by a variety of names including a hammering drill and a rotary hammer. So, what are these exactly? Well, a hammer drill is a drill with a rotating head but it also has a hammer action which allows it to basically become a two-in-one tool. When this is in use, the hammers produces a fast-short thrust which breaks through materials which are thin or brittle in some cases; however, at the same time, it offers fast drilling and with little effort too.

The distance in which the hammer drill bit can punch is relatively small and not overly powerful either but the hammering action can offer hundreds, if not thousands of blows per minute which is impressive. Even though the force isn’t overly powerful, since there are thousands of blows within sixty seconds, it does offer a lot of force in such a short period of time. It can easily break through brick and concrete; and drilling through materials can be done much faster with the hammer drill.

Hammer drills are relatively easy to use. They usually are accompanied with a lever which effectively shuts the hammer clutch; this will make the hammer drill like a normal drill. This allows users to drill holes in metal or wood before turning it back into the conventional hammer drill for bigger tasks. Hammer drills are far bigger than standard drills but are considerably more powerful and durable too. What is the best corded hammer drill? Read on to find the best corded hammer drill review.

Top 5 Best Corded Hammer Drill Review


SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp ½ In. Hammer Drill

One of the very best corded hammer drills must be the SKIL 6445-04 7.0 Amp ½ In. Hammer drill; the maroon and black finish does help this stand out and it’s powerful too. In terms of cost, you will find it to be good and reasonable; also, the quality is there. It is just so difficult to get an affordable price and good quality but the SKIL really does offer that and much more.



Users will find this comes with a nice grip handle and even when it’s hammering a mile a minute, it’ll still be fairly easy to grip. If you aren’t used to these tools before then at first, it can be a little strange to hold and if that is the case, you should take things nice and easy. The side assist handle really helps to gain control and ensure accuracy too which is what you’re after.

Speed from the SKIL is decent and comes with a variable speed trigger. However, this speed trigger offers users better control whilst drilling. The controlled drilling speed will be what almost every user wants and needs especially if they haven’t much experience with such tools. This can be used for wood cutting as it comes with a ½ inch keyed chuck which means bigger diameter drill bits can be attached.


DEWALT DWD520K ½ Inch VSR Pistol Grip Hammer Drill Kit

One of the very best corded hammer drills available today must be the DEWALT DWD520K ½ Inch VSR pistol grip hammer drill kit. This comes with a great ten amp motor which ensures top quality performance and is easy to use also. There is a lot more power with the machine than you might think but it’s safe to use and the dual mode makes the DEWALT versatile whether dealing with wood, steel or masonry.



DEWALT is a huge name in power tools and electronics and it has certainly made its impact on hammering drills. Hammer drills such as this one does not come around very often and the reputation lives up to the excellence of the manufacturing company behind the name. However, this is a little more costly than many would probably be prepared to pay; it isn’t too expensive but certainly more than a budget one. If you aren’t someone overly concerned with price then you will love this recent DEWALT but if you worry about money and have to stick to a limit then price may become an issue.

The pistol grip handle is very appealing and is super soft too which means it’s gentle on the hands. This is especially important for those who have been working all day or using this over a considerable period of time. The two finger trigger is also a nice feature and helps to ensure more comfort to users; however there is also more and far better control on offer because of this feature. This is suitable for at home projects and construction sites as it comes with a metal gear housing. It’s durable and long-lasting and very reliable.


The DEWALT DW511 ½ Inch 7.8 AMP VSR Hammer Drill

Choosing the very best hammer drill is tough since you have a mountain of options to consider. However, one of the best corded hammer drill options available must be the DEWALT DW511 ½ Inch 7.8 AMP VSR hammer drill. This is big, powerful and very strong – everything a DIY expert will need! Professionals too will love this hammer drill and it really is going to be a suitable option no matter what you aim to do with this.



I loved the price and buyers will too. You are getting a high-end and quality item for an affordable price and that is what is going to give people the push to buy. Its size and weight is OK and most people should be able to easily use this without running into too much difficulty. You can actually find this is pretty portable; it may be slightly bigger in size than a standard drill but it’s still portable and very lightweight.

The 7.8 amp motor is a standout feature simply because it helps to ensure the performance is at its best. The high performance isn’t the only standout feature, the overload protection really is good in terms of safety. Most will understand if there isn’t an overload protection feature, users can be put at risk so the DEWALT