What Are The Best Corded Circular Saws To Buy

Best Corded Circular Saws reviewsCircular saws are power tools. Their blades are strong and can cut through a variety of everyday materials. The circular saw’s blade can also be known as a disc blade since it is circular in shape; and when the saw is powered up the blade starts to spin cutting its way through whatever is in front of it. The rotary motion makes the saw extremely powerful and the arbor (in which the blade spins around) helps to ensure the blade stays on track.

Ever since the 18th century, circular saws have been used in large manufacturing plants globally and in the 19th century, in sawmills across the United States also. Modern circular saws are able to handle a variety of materials like metal, wood, masonry and even plastics. They can be attached or mounted to a machine or handheld.

Modern corded circular saws are available in large and smaller sizes depending on requirements. For instance, these have become extremely popular for the weekend DIY home owners and those who build boats in their garage. However, corded really makes sense when it comes to power tools as it makes them more versatile and more portable. Circular saws can technically be taken anywhere as long as there is an electrical source. Do you know what the best corded circular saws are? Read on to find out the best corded circular saw reviews.

Top 5 Best Corded Circular Saw Reviews


The Porter-Cable PC15TCS 15 Amp heavy-duty Circular Saw

One of the top 5 best corded circular saw reviews has to be the Porter-Cable PC15TCS 15 Amp heavy-duty circular saw. The Port-Cable is a firm favorite for those who love to get creative at home; it’s powerful and is easy to use, whether you have experience or otherwise. However, it does look nice. Now, maybe to some looks won’t be important for a saw but still, it looks professional and top-grade which is always a plus point to take into consideration.



The Porter-Cable PC15TCS 15 Amp heavy-duty circular saw is surprisingly lightweight. It weighs around eleven pounds which is fairly good for a heavy-duty saw. When you first see this, you’d think it would weigh a lot more and yet it isn’t and that is great as it means users are less likely get tired when using it. Also, it’s not overly hard to handle so users won’t get cramping in their hands or feel sore after using the circular saw for extended periods of time.

The forty five degree bevel capacity is impressive and allows a multiple array of tasks to be completed. However, user’s can find there is an line of sight with the saw which is perfect in helping to ensure cuts are straight lined and accurate more importantly. The spindle lock keeps bit changes simple and in actual fact the price is fairly decent too. For what you’re getting, you may think it’ll cost more but it doesn’t so that is a nice surprise.


The DEWALT DWE575SB Lightweight Circular Saw With Electric Brake

Circular saws really need to be safe for home use. Anyone who has ever used an electric saw before will know and understand this and let’s be honest accidents can happen so very easily. However, with the DEWALT DWE575SB lightweight circular saw with electric brake, you are getting a nice and very safe tool. As you might have guessed from the name, the saw comes with an electric brake which is really the bonus feature here. Having that electric brake offers some assurance of safety and its one feature you cannot afford to miss out on.



If you’re looking for an affordable circular saw that is not only powerful but impressive then the DEWALT DWE575SB Lightweight circular saw with electric brake is the one. This is extremely easy to use and it’s not overly big either as it this can handle small and fairly large jobs too. The circular saw is fairly light in weight and quite compact too which is really strange for a corded saw but that shows how far technology has come.

The integrated dust blower helps to keep wood shavings and dust particles free from the work surface and the patented fifteen amp motor is great. There is a fifty seven degree beveling option which can stop at twenty two and forty five degree angles. Price-wise, it’s good and affordable. The cable cord length is a decent size too so you aren’t tethered to the wall socket.


The Black & Decker CS1015 15-Amp Circular Saw

Most people will already know the name Black & Decker and it’s one that has been around for many a year. In truth, power tools with the name Black & Decker on them don’t get any better and you know what is to be expected. The Black & Decker CS1015 15-Amp Circular Saw is a beautiful and very affordable little corded circular saw. For those with a collection of power tools, adding this new Black & Decker will be wise.



The corded circular saw has a simple ergonomically designed handle which gives users a nice comfortable way to hold the saw. Even after prolonged use, the handle is still soft to grip and that is important especially if you’re using the saw throughout the day. However, this is a versatile saw as it can handle most tasks and it perfect for everyday cutting. Tough saw tasks are no problem whatsoever with the Black & Decker CS1015 15-Amp Circular Saw.

Once you turn the saw on, its twenty four tooth carbide blade will cut through any material fast and precisely.  The performance is amazing and super powerful; and the 15-Amp motor is a great feature and helps to give the saw its speed. Adjusting cutting depths can be very simple with the bevel and overall it’s an impressive tool. Simply designed