What Kind Of Drill Bits Do I Need?

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Simon A. asked 9 months ago

I Purchased Myself Some Worx Cordless Drill, 18V. It Did Not Come With Drill Bits For Making Holes. What Kind Of Drill Bits Do I Need? I Dont Have A Particular Project, Just Want To Have It For The Future. What Kind Of Bits Do I Stay Away From? Can I Use My Other Screwdrivers Bits On This? Any Recommendations Would Help. I Do Not Know Anything About Tools. Thanks In Advance

George Staff replied 3 years ago

Search online or on Amazon.com for a pack of twist bits for drilling holes – from 1/16th to 3/8″ – and this comes in a tough little box which you can have forever.

For drilling bigger holes, I use a lot of “spade” bits – or “speed bores” – you can also get a bunch of different sizes of these at once. Then you can drill holes from 3/8″ to 1 1/2″.

Then for screwing in screws, go to a lumber store and get yourself a magnetic bit holder – it’s a magnetic tip for your drill – and you can stick different screw driver bits into that – you can get Phillips or torque or square drive or traditional screw drives. The best brand I’ve seen is Apex – I use these things all the time since carpentry is my business.

One good place to get this stuff is a second hand store – sometimes there’s piles of them, and you dig through and get a bunch of bits really cheap.

A good drill is something which will be handy for the rest of your life if you only use it from time to time.