Can I Use A Screwdriver Instead Of A Drill To Install A Curtain Rod Using A Wall Anchor?

Questions and AnswersCategory: Cordless ScrewdriverCan I Use A Screwdriver Instead Of A Drill To Install A Curtain Rod Using A Wall Anchor?
Michael B. asked 9 months ago

Screwdriver Or Drill? The Manual Calls It A Cordless Drill/Driver But I Don’T See Any Drill Bits. I’M Trying To Install A Curtain Rod And It Came With Wall Anchors. I Googled How To Install Them And It Says To First Drill A Hole(Slightly Smaller Or Larger Not Sure Which), Then Tap The Anchor Into The Hole Using A Hammer. Don’T Know If This Is Right Because I’M Not Sure Exactly Which Type Of Anchor I Have. It Is Plastic. The Directions On The Package Are Just Pictures Aren’T Helpful. My Question Is Can I Just Use One Of The Screws To Drill Holes In The Wall Then Put The Anchor In And Then Screw In The Hole?

George Staff replied 3 years ago

Yes, you can screw a screw into the wall and then tap the anchor in through the hole. Then insert the screw into the anchor. Plastic anchors are very cheaply made and are not recommended for anything that carry weight. They are notorious for pulling out of the wall and twisting when you try to screw in a screw. I recommend an EZ Anchor if you will be anchoring only into Sheetrock.

If there’s a stud behind the mounting area, then you won’t need any anchors, just screw directly into the stud (might need a drill for this step). EZ Anchors can be found at any hardware, home improvement or
Walmart store and are extremely easy to use. They’re also very strong. They screw directly into the the sheetrock like a screw, but they have a hole in the middle for the screw. They come in plastic and aluminum, I recommend aluminum. See the link below. Good luck!